Real augmented reality glasses not for five years, according to Snapchat boss

The metaverse, there are those who talk about it, and those who do it. Snap is indeed at the forefront of these universes with augmented reality Lenses in Snapchat. The application offers a plethora of AR experiences integrating virtual objects in the user’s environment, or even directly on the user (clothes, makeup, hairstyles, or simply filters).

And it’s going to get bigger. On the occasion of the Snap Partner Summit, the publisher certainly unveiled its Pixy drone, but it also multiplied the announcements that dig the furrow of its augmented reality developments. Like Location Based Services, which make it possible to create localized AR experiences, like this Lego Ferris wheel hanging from a building in London (above).

And it works: Snapchat’s community of creators has developed over 2.5 million AR Lenses, which have been viewed over 5 trillion times. For them, using augmented reality to convey a message has become natural and effective. This is the message Snap wants to send to advertisers.

In an interview at Figaro, Evan Spiegel the founder and boss of Snap seems to rejoice and get a little annoyed when we talk about the “metaverse”. On the one hand, the brands have only this word in their mouths and are looking for outlets for their advertising budgets: that’s good, Snapchat with its years of experience is laying out the red carpet for them.

The Spectacles 4, reserved for developers and creators.

« Brands haven’t always understood the value of augmented reality “, laments Spiegel, but he does against bad luck with a good heart: “ But now that there’s all the media excitement surrounding the metaverse, we’re increasingly being approached by advertisers asking how we can work together. All this clearly helps our discussions ».

Augmented reality advertising campaigns work, he assures us: “ We have been able to show them concrete results for two years thanks to our virtual try-on filters for clothing or accessories. Our data is clear: it boosts sales “. Example of what can be done below with Puma sneakers:

At the moment, augmented reality is “ restricted in the small screens of our smartphones “. It is still impossible to immerse yourself in it. ” To realize the full potential of augmented reality, we need to explore new avenues “. And that will go through glasses like the latest generation of Spectacles: they don’t look like much and no one will want to wear that outside, but it’s a first step.

Snap unveils “real” augmented reality glasses

Snap unveils “real” augmented reality glasses

Mirror admet que « it’s a technically difficult challenge, we still have a lot of work ahead of us, but the prototypes give a glimpse of the future “. According to him, the “real” AR glasses, those that the general public will be able to wear without looking like extraterrestrials, will not be released for five years. To achieve this, Snap will be able to rely on the technologies of the newly purchased French start-up NextMind. Eventually, they will make it possible to interact with augmented reality. by mere thought “, he assures.