Real estate buys wooden house factory in Esposende for 25 million

Vanguard Properties has reached an agreement with Black Oak Company to enter the capital of the wooden construction company, thus taking control of the company, with an investment of more than 25 million euros, it announced in a statement.

“Vanguard Properties entered into an agreement to acquire the capital of Black Oak Company, a wooden construction company that owns an industrial unit in Esposende. As part of this strategic investment of more than 25 million euros, Black Oak Company passes to the control of Vanguard Properties”, said the group.

Thus, “the real estate developer intends to expand the factory with a view to doubling the implementation area to 20 thousand square meters and increase the installed capacity for an annual production of 200 wooden house structures (‘woodframe’) and 1,000 in CLT (‘ cross-laminated timber’) and customizable”, according to the same note.

According to Vanguard, “over the next few months, the factory in Esposende will be reinforced with the increase in the workforce from 40 to 100 employees”, and it will “operate in the market with the KŌZŌWOOD brand”, he said, referring that it is a “’rebranding’ strategy aligned with the positioning in international markets”.

For Vanguard, this “is a strategic investment that combines innovation with sustainability, changing the paradigm in real estate in general and in the construction method in particular, with houses that are ‘Net Zero Carbon Buildings’, that is, with high energy efficiency and a neutral or negative environmental footprint and 90% of the construction process”.

The company believes that in this way “it will be at the forefront of the sector and has already planned the production of a thousand sustainable homes for the Terras da Comporta and Muda Reserve projects, whose start of production is scheduled for the beginning of the fourth quarter”.

According to the group, “woodframe and CLT systems share the advantage of using a natural, renewable and recyclable material, which promotes reforestation, retains carbon dioxide and does not require the burning of fossil fuels during its production” .

“The development of new technologies in engineering and architecture already allow construction from wooden structures to be a sustainable and competitive solution today compared to steel, concrete or masonry structures”, he guaranteed, indicating that “they offer even greater resistance to fires and earthquakes, greater ease of transport and assembly, better weight/resistance ratio and greater cost savings”.

For Vanguard, the commercialized wooden houses “will also have the advantage of being produced ‘off-site’, with around 90% of the wooden structure taking place in a factory and controlled environment”, a strategy that “allows the employees of the industrial unit in the Esposende region, avoiding unnecessary travel, promoting a balance between professional and personal life, and also reducing atmospheric, visual and environmental pollution”.

Vanguard currently counts in its portfolio “with 22 projects, urban and tourist”, which are located in Lisbon, Oeiras, Algarve and Comporta and add up “a gross construction area of ​​about one billion m2[squaremetersaboveground”andatotalinvestmentofaround12billioneurosherecalled[metrosquadradosacimadosolo”euminvestimentototaldecercade12milmilhõesdeeurosrecordou