Real estate credit: which profile must be presented to obtain the best rate?


Better to be young and well settled to borrow at an attractive rate. Otherwise, you have to prove to the banker that you are a responsible borrower.
Thirty-five years, comfortable income, bank account well stocked. It’s not about the ad of a site met but the profile of the ideal borrower. Because banks are all looking for the same type of credit customers immovable .
It remains obviously possible to borrow if one does not correspond to this portrait-robot, but at a less favorable rate. “Banks are looking primarily for young people, between 25 and 35 years old. They can grant haircuts of 0.10% to 0.15% on their rate schedule for to convince , since their monthly income is significant, go from 3,500 euros to two ” says Cécile Roquelaure, director of studies for credit broker Empruntis.
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A saving on the rate that can appear modest in absolute value, but which translates into several thousand euros of gain on the total cost of credit, including in the environment current historically low rates. Thus, for a loan of 200,000 euros over twenty years, the total cost of credit decreases by 5,500 euros if the credit rate goes from 1.50% to 1.25%.
A potential for profitability
The craze of banks for young borrowers is not a coincidence: this population represents a potential for profitability, because the banks will then be able to to propose insurance (auto, multi-risk home) and investments . “Since the beginning of 2017, the institutions have been offering credits at twenty-five at rates barely higher than those over twenty years: it is clearly a question of attracting first-time buyers ” , confirms Maël Bernier, spokesperson of These first-time buyers do not always have input.
“Banks attract the liberal professions with very good rates in hopes of recover their personal account but also their pro account »
“Some institutions have been fairly recently in real estate lending. In the phase of customer building on this product, they are distinguished by attractive rates, including for borrowers without contribution ” says Cécile Roquelaure at Empruntis. But in most establishments, the presence of a contribution, at least equal to 10% of the price of the purchase, covering notary and guarantee fees, makes it possible to obtain a better rate.
Another profile particularly appreciated by banks, the liberal professions, since their activity has been well established for at least three years. “The banks are attracting them with very good rates in the hope of eventually recovering not only their personal bank account but also their pro account. The subsidies are of the order of 0.15% to 0.30% depending on the banks ” , decrypts Philippe Taboret, deputy general manager of Cafpi.
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Currently, Banque Tarneaud (Crédit du Nord group) offers subsidized rates for the liberal professions. Last year, BNP Paribas carried out a conquest operation for the medical and paramedical professions in south-eastern France. la France .
” Flexibility ”
“Societe Generale offers students in medicine loans that increase monthly payments over time as revenues grow. That does not allow them to benefit of a better rate but they can borrow more money » says Pierre Chapon, co-founder of broker Pretto. Investors are also pampered by banks.
“The major national networks offer loans to 110% (without contribution) at subsidized rates. They can allow of to win less on credit because they will be able to offer them other products and services such as investments “, adds Philippe Taboret at Cafpi. Public servants are particularly appreciated by the Banques Populaires. “They benefit from lower rates of 0.20% to 0.30%. In addition, Casden can to bring a very advantageous guarantee solution » adds Pierre Chapon, from Pretto.
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Beyond your profile, the rate offered by banks also depends on exogenous factors: an institution can be brought to drive a policy very aggressive commercial for catch up his delay on his competitors. Or on the contrary, raise his schedule allows him to absorb a surplus of files. All this at the regional level, including for national networks like BNP Paribas, LCL or Société Générale.
“Regional directors have room for maneuver in relation to the policy decided at the national level. This can be translate by a discount of 0.50% on the scale » says Maël Bernier at Meilleurtaux. A single borrower will not have the same offer to Strasbourg only Nantes for the same sign. “Our agencies also negotiate local offers, valid for short periods of two to three months, with some banks” adds Philippe Taboret, of Cafpi. So much the better for the borrowers who build their file precisely at this time.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of the criteria (age, profession, income, etc.) taken into consideration by the banks are binding on you: you can not improve your profile a magic wand for get a better rate. But it remains possible to you present in your best light.
Maximize your contribution
The objective is to prove to the banker that you are a responsible borrower. “Of course you have to to avoid to be exposed and show that we put money aside regularly in a savings account. Moreover, it is better settle his credits to the consumption for optimize its borrowing capacity » , advises Pierre Chapon, at Pretto. Be particularly vigilant the months before the credit application because the banks check your last three statements of account for to study your behavior.
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For maximize your contribution, use donations from parents and / or grandparents, or unblock your employee savings. It is necessary make fire of any wood for reach at least the 10% allowing cover acquisition and guarantee fees.
Also think about activate all the assisted loans offered by the regions or departments. “Some regional banks offer loans from 15,000 euros to 0% to borrowers benefiting from the PTZ of the State”, complete Cécile Roquelaure d’Empruntis.


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