Real estate drinkers give home buyers tips: ‘You almost don’t need a kitchen anymore’

“Usually here you only talk to people you already know, but still – surprise – I did talk to someone I didn’t know!” Grand Cafe Wester Paviljoen in Rotterdam was closed to regular visitors on Thursday evening, but still had a full terrace due to the private network drink where the ‘toute’ real estate market in Rotterdam and surroundings showed itself.

Of course there was also the election of the Most Striking Real Estate Project 2021, which was won by the POST Rotterdam construction project, in the old post office. But that was only incidental. The hot topic of the evening was the housing crisis, buying a house has never been so difficult.

positive vibe

“The market is just as locked up as in the crisis years,” acknowledges sales broker Danny Biemans van Diel BV. “Only now there is a positive vibe about it, because you do sell everything.”

“You have never experienced it as it is now,” says Robert Steenbergen of project developer DKVG. “In 2005 it was a hype with house prices, but now it surpasses it all. But head on, we keep the courage in it!”

Golden times for the real estate world, but starters and people with a middle income hardly come between them. There is a lot of outbid and you don’t stand a chance against large real estate investors anyway. So we asked the crème de la crème of the real estate world in the region what young people can do to still be able to buy a house:

No kitchen needed

Robert Steenbergen gives a tip: build and live together, or live smaller. That also saves on costs. “Those young people: they have breakfast outside, they have lunch outside. So you almost don’t need a kitchen anymore. They only come home to sleep. Everything can be smaller. In Japan and Hong Kong they don’t do anything different They also live there on a few square meters and that is going well. Maybe that’s an idea.”

Into the ground

“Go into the ground together,” says Sebastiaan Bugaj of the company VochtstopBV to people who still want to buy a larger house. According to Bugaj, it is sometimes more interesting to increase the living space of your existing home. “You see that people are going to use their basement or basement as living space. We make those spaces watertight, it is a new trend. With a cellar you can gain 25 square meters of living space, you can turn that into a bedroom. And with the complete Undercutting houses gives you an extra 100 to 150 square meters.”

Do not buy

Arnaud du Pont, real estate manager at Codabel, advises against buying. “I would like to get rid of that compulsive neurosis that you have to buy. Why do you have to buy? Today, rental scooters are very popular, precisely because you don’t buy it. I think we should be nice to just renting again. That isn’t a bad thing to do at all.”