real estate finance| For middle-income people: 7 projects ready to be launched a month

09:30 AM

Monday October 18 2021

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:

Mai Abdel Hamid, CEO of the Social Housing and Real Estate Finance Support Fund, said that next month will witness the launch of apartments for the housing projects of Egypt, Jannah and Dar Misr, according to the real estate financing initiative with an interest rate of 3%, which was launched by the Central Bank last July 13.

Abdel Hamid added, in televised statements, that the previous phase of the projects that were put forward last year was 8% interest. .

The details of the projects that will be presented successively are as follows:

Offering places:
Sakan Misr apartments are located in 12 new cities (New October – October Gardens – Obour – New Cairo – New Alamein – New Mansoura – New Minya – Badr – West Qena – New Damietta – Sunrise – Nasser in West Assiut).

There are also Dar Misr apartments, in 8 new cities (May 15 – Sadat – Tenth of Ramadan – October Gardens – Sunrise – New Cairo – Badr – New Burj Al Arab).

In the Jannah project, the units will be offered in 8 cities: (6 October – Al Shorouk – Sheikh Zayed – New Cairo – New Mansoura – New Minya – New Damietta – New Mallawi).

The three projects consist of a ground floor and five recurring floors; But the Dar Misr project is a paradise with an elevator in every building, and it is surrounded by a concrete wall; Where it takes the form of a compound, but in “Sakan Misr” there is no internal elevator, in most cities, but with the new phases, there is an elevator in El-Shorouk and New Mansoura, and the project is surrounded by a tree wall.

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Premium housing:
The premium housing units came in the cities of (New Rashid – New Alamein – New Damietta).

Various projects:
A number of different projects will also be launched, such as coastal housing units in the new city of Mansoura, and units in the Imbaba airport land project, in addition to units for the in-kind share of one of the partnership projects between the New Urban Communities Authority and the private sector, in more than one new city.