Real Madrid-Barcelona: La Liga 36 goes for Laso (81-74, series 3-1)

The detail of his teammates with Anthony Randolph, seriously injured in the first game of the final

Endesa League

🚨🏀 Real Madrid beat Barcelona (81-74) and win the ACB League


END OF 4TH QUARTER | FINAL, FINAL, FINALLLLL! Real Madrid is the 2021/2022 ACB League champion after beating Barça 3-1 in the series with a score of 81-74 in this fourth match. Imperial party of Edy Tavares with 25 points and 13 rebounds that will give him the MVP.

4TH QUARTER 0:15 | Mate by Gabriel Deck that will definitively give Madrid the title (81-74).

4TH QUARTER 0:25 | Two free throws by Higgins to give Barça little hope (79-74).

4TH QUARTER 0:45 | Madrid resists based on long attacks, just 45 seconds to finish the final (79-72)

4TH QUARTER 1:15 | Tripleeeeeeeeee of Causeur, tripleeeeee that might be worth a league. Lo for Jasikevicius (79-70).

4TH QUARTER 1:45 | Causeurrrrrrrrr! Great entry to the basket to get the 2 + 1 to Mirotic (76-68)

4TH QUARTER 2:30 | Tripleeeeeeeee de Exum (73-68)

4TH QUARTER 3:00 | Smits scored a basket, but Tavares was intractable and with a 2+1 he put the Whites up to 9 again (72-63).

4TH QUARTER 4:00 | Causeur basket that, together with two free throws by Deck, put a lot of distance with less than 4 minutes to go (69-61). For the Jasikevicius party.

4TH QUARTER 5:00 | Deck basket that Exum responds with a bomb near the end of possession (65-61).

4TH QUARTER 6:15 | 2+1 from Tavares to put Madrid five up (63-58).

4TH QUARTER 7:30 | Tripleeeeeeee of Hanga (60-58).

4TH QUARTER 8:30 | Calathes basket with which Barça takes the lead (57-58).

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END 3RD QUARTER | Poirier puts the locals ahead again before the last and decisive quarter (57-56).

3rd QUARTER (0:10) | Higgins basket that gives the first advantage of the match to the visitors (55-56).

3rd QUARTER (0:45) | Partial 6-0 for Barça that puts all the emotion back in this fourth game. Jasikevicius’s team is one point away! (55-54).

3RD QUARTER (1:15) | Triple by Calathes before Llull makes a 2+1 that continues to maintain a 7-point lead. (55-48).

3RD QUARTER (2:15) | Saras stops him after a Poirier mate to the post against Calathes (52-45).

3RD QUARTER (3:45) | Baskets by Hanga and Tavares that once again gave Chus Mateo’s men 7 points (50-43).

3rd QUARTER (5:00) | Barça resist thanks to two triples by Kuric and Mirotic (46-43)

3RD QUARTER (6:00) | Partial 6-0 with 4 points from Tavares and two free throws from Causeur (44-37).

3RD QUARTER (8:00) | The Catalans respond with four points from Rolands Smits (38-37).

3rd QUARTER (9:00) | Very good start for the madridistas with baskets by Tavares and Causeur (38-33).

FINISH 2ND QUARTER | Huge reaction culé after going 14 down. Jasikevicius’s men go just one point behind after playing some very complete final minutes of the second quarter (34-33).

2nd QUARTER (0:30) | Tripleeeeee of Exum, one of the key players in the awakening of the culés, who are placed to a point (34-33).

2nd QUARTER (1:45) | 2+1 from Tavares, answered by Calathes with a tremendous triple (34-28).

2nd QUARTER (2:45) | Jasikevicius asks for time after a great basket by Tavares prompted by the assistance of Deck (31-25). Before, Kyle Kuric had scored a great triple.

2nd QUARTER (3:30) | The seven rental points remain for the madridistas (29-22)

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2nd QUARTER (5:30) | Tripleeeeeeeee of Exum. Barça gets to 7 and Chus Mateo has to stop the match with a timeout (27-20).

2nd QUARTER (6:00) | Balsamic triple by Mirotic to lower the difference to 10 (27-17).

2nd QUARTER (7:00) | The local team continues to increase the lead, now with a triple from Rudy and a 2+1 from Poirier (27-14).

2nd QUARTER (8:00) | What Llull just did! Tremendous 3+1 has just been scored by the Menorcan with a tangerine in the form of a triple that has lifted the entire WiZink Center (21-10)

2ND QUARTER (8:30) | Partial 5-0 for the madridistas with a triple by Llull and two free throws by Rudy (18-10)

END OF FIRST QUARTER | Real Madrid prevailed 13-10 in the first few minutes marked by dominance in offensive rebounding, six for the Whites and zero for the Catalans.

1ST QUARTER (2:00) | Very good Barça attack that culminated in a triple by Jokubaitis that brought the Catalans closer to three points (11-8)

1ST QUARTER (3:00) | Triple by Sanli to break the drought in attack by Jasikevicius’ men (9-5)

1ST QUARTER (5:00) | Beginning in which the defenses are imposed on the attacks. The only culé basket was made by Mirotic (7-2)

1ST QUARTER (7:30) | Spectacular triple by Causeur to put an initial 7-0. Very bad start for the Catalans (7-0)

1ST QUARTER (8:30) | First basket of the match for Tavares, who has destroyed Davies to the post (2-0)

1ST QUARTER (10:00) | Start the fourth duel of the final!

The game is about to start…

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Real Madrid: Hanga, Talker, Deck, Yabusele y Tavares.

Barcelona: Calathes, Kuric, Higgins, Mirotic and Davies.

Just ten minutes before the start of the fourth duel of the ACB League final!

Real Madrid arrived minutes before their rival at the WiZink Center

Like this has arrived the Barça to the stage of the party

Cheers! Good afternoon and welcome to the live online broadcast of ‘el Clásico’, Real Madrid-Barcelona, ​​a match corresponding to the fourth match of the 2022 Endesa League Final, which will be played at the Wizink Center (6:00 p.m.). Real Madrid can be proclaimed champion if they beat the Catalans this afternoon, who badly need victory to reach the fifth game at the Palau.

Follow live and direct today Real Madrid-Barcelona

The white set wants to get one more title from the ACB with the absence of Paul Laso on the bench, before the culéswho start at a disadvantage after losing the third duel last Friday, which makes them face a match ball.

Where to watch the Real Madrid-Barcelona match? Final – What time is it played

Real Madrid and Barcelona meet in the fourth game of the 2022 Endesa League final this Sunday, June 19, at 6:00 p.m. The meeting can be seen by VAMOS of the Movistar Plus platform. You can follow all the information about the match live on the Eurosport website.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona Basket

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Endesa League

Sergio Llull’s incredible action that raised the entire Wizink Center


Endesa League

Real Madrid-Barcelona: Alirón the historic fifth match (18:00)