Real Madrid beat Liverpool to win the Champions League

The white team showed that they are the best in this competition and added their 14th European Cup after defeating the English team 1-0 in the final.


Real Madrid win a Liverpool by 1 to 0 at the Stade de France, in Paris, and kept his 14th Europa League Champions. the brazilian striker Vinicius Júnior14 minutes into the second half, he scored the goal that led Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti’s team to glory.

Real Madrid He suffered from the rival’s tactical approach but, as throughout the 2021-2022 edition of the competition, he prevailed with his effectiveness and his strength in the middle and in his goalkeeper Thibaut Courtoisthe figure along with the scorer of the European night.

History also supported Real Madrid, in intangible issues that translate only into feelings, and in this way he reached his eighth final win in a row. Curiously, the last time he fell was in 1981 against Liverpool, which he also defeated in 2018.

Liverpool became the owner of soccer management, with more intention than precision, based on the triangle composed between Mohamed Salah y Sadio Mané in the upper area and Jordan Henderson in the middle part. Despite his tenure, he was noted to be disconnected when it came to pressuring the rival start, without blocks and with a lot of individual attack.

Real Madrid showed something else: recovery and quick start to exploit the Brazilian’s speed Vinicius Júnior in the potential spaces in the English background, with Alexander-Arnoldof constant projection, as the main focus.

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The first two came to Liverpoolhand in hand with his deployment and criteria when moving the ball, although he found himself with an impassable Thibaut Courtoiswho silenced the cry of goal in both times to Salah.

Fortune, as throughout this Champions League, accompanied Real Madrid in the worst moments and the Belgian goalkeeper’s right post reinforced an impressive save after a shot from Sané, who cut with an outside-in directed control for his right leg.

The set of Carlo Ancelotti he showed off his trade in hot instances and with his midfield full of experience he slowed down Liverpool to suffer less in the final minutes of a complicated initial stage. The most frequent occurrences of Tony Kroos y Luka Modric They led to the touch, always first class, without risk to think and elaborate from the tranquility.

The constant feeling left by the first half was that Liverpool would always damage up to the last meter but that Real Madrid, behind and going from low to high, would find themselves in a situation to open the scoring. And so it happened even with Karim Benzema advanced and the VAR ratified the decision to leave everything at zero.

Liverpool He always knew what to play, despite the circumstances and the loss of control in the last 20 minutes of the previous stage. That’s why he wasn’t surprised when he reactivated his crippling pace in the snap and took it ahead again to Real Madridwhich was endorsed in the hands of Courtois and in the clearances of its defenders.

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And that feeling of the entire Stade de France in the first half took shape when vinicius he won his back Arnold and pushed the ball down the goal Alissonwho witnessed how his compatriot took advantage of a flawed shot by the Uruguayan Federico Valverde to the delirium of the 20,000 Madridistas located in that header.

The goal happened as one more part of a story that seemed written just like the heroic lift against Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea y Manchester City in the previous phases. The attractiveness of Real Madrid He went through observing the trade and the execution of a game plan based on exploiting the few rival shortcomings and also on the clear incidence of the figure on the pitch: Courtois.

Liverpool he never limited himself, he explored all the sectors of his attack and with the entry of the Portuguese Diogo Jota for the overshadowed louis diaz added extension to the trident. He did all the wear in the ninety minutes but missed whenever he got the chance.