Real Madrid to go through a double and regain the third place in the Spanish league

Real Madrid to go through a double and regain the third place in the Spanish league

Eescu scored another goal and led Real Madrid to regain third place in the Primera Liga after winning 2-1 at Malaga on Sunday in the 32nd round of the competition.
Real Madrid rose to 67 points, returning to third place, which lost in the last phase, in favor of Blancier, taking advantage of the loss of the Andalucian team, which fell to fourth place, 1/2 against Barcelona on Saturday, the current stage. On the other hand, Malaga is stuck at 17 points, to remain in the back of the ranking, and his position worsens in his struggle to escape the specter of relegation to the second degree. Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, Welshman Gareth Bell, German Tony Crosse and Brazilian Marcelo were all set to rest in front of Bayern Munich in the semi-finals of the Champions League next week. The Spanish league title crowned last season. Despite the many absences of Real, he won the least effort and could have doubled the score on more than one occasion, had it not been for the players to review, especially in the second half. Isco opened the scoring for Real in the 29th minute, making the second goal by Brazilian teammate Casimiro in the 63rd minute, while Diego Roland guaranteed to score the only goal of Malaga in the third minute (the last) of the time calculated rather than lost the second half. This is the 100th victory for Real in all competitions under the leadership of French coach Zinedine Zidane, who has played 140 games with the team since taking charge in January 2016. Zidane entered the history of the white team, after becoming the sixth coach in the history of Real Madrid achieved this achievement after Miguel Muñoz, Luis Moloni, Leo Binhacker, Vicente del Bosque and Jose Mourinho.

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