Real Madrid’s eventual trident is a hammer

Vinicius, Rodrygo and Valverde, three Madridistas in a state of grace. / Agencies


Benzema’s injury makes it possible for a new forward to blossom as youthful as it is lethal in a leader who rules the League with an iron fist

Oscar Bellot

Life smiles at Real Madrid in such a way that what in not exactly remote times was a tragedy has now become an opportunity for Carlo Ancelotti to unleash the attack of the future, which is already pulling the wagon on the lush leader of First. Valverde, Rodrygo and Vinicius have taken advantage of Benzema’s absence due to injury to become the banners of an irrepressible team that reaches the national team break boasting of having obtained honors in what is their best start to the season in more than half a century.

Triumphant in their first nine exams of the course, including the six initial dates of a championship that they govern with an iron fist, despite the formidable pressure of a Barça resurrected by the levers, the whites have shown in the last two weeks that the absence of the The next Ballon d’Or does not reduce the fang of a team whose trident of circumstances is a real hammer.

Since Benzema suffered in his right thigh on September 6 in Scotland, Real Madrid have scored eleven goals: three against Celtic when the Lyon-born striker had already left the Celtic Park mat, four against Mallorca, two against Leipzig and others two to Atlético in a derby in which Rodrygo and Valverde served as stilettos for the current League and European champion, after Vinicius had to endure a cataract of insults in the rojiblanco fiefdom that LaLiga will take to the Anti-Violence Commission. It was a new demonstration of maturity, commitment and punch by a youthful offensive front that does not weigh the responsibility of leading a block that hardly has any cracks.

The imbalance and fantasy of Vinicius, the incessant work of Valverde, whose defensive commitment does not prevent him from being more and more incisive in attack, and the surgical precision of Rodrygo are the ingredients with which Ancelotti has made a magic potion capable of burying the regrets for the absence of Benzema.

Mbappé and Haaland paved the way

The Vinicius thing came from afar. The carioca became, already during the last campaign, the second sword of the fourteen-time king of Europe, the result of an exponential progression in his ability to resolve within the area and his status as Benzema’s favorite assistant, a two-way partnership in the Both were mutually benefited. But the first nine appointments of the course in development have endorsed the growing impact of Valverde and Rodrygo in Real Madrid, which was gaining strength in the last stretch of the previous season.

The Uruguayan, practically untouchable at this point in Ancelotti’s eleven, has managed to adapt to the role of lying winger that the Reggiolo coach has assigned him. From there, he takes advantage of his privileged physique to help the winger, contribute to the spinal cord in destructive tasks, destroy driving lines, shoot from outside the area, strike down the wing and step on the area more and more effectively.

Ancelotti challenged him to reach the ten-goal barrier this season and Montevideo’s goal has been applied to the task. He has participated in seven goals in his last ten games, scoring four goals and handing out three assists since the last Champions League final, resolved by Vinicius with a goal after a Uruguayan service. They are the same decisive actions that the Halcón had recorded in his previous 95 games wearing the Real Madrid jacket.

Rodrygo has followed a line similar to that of the former Peñarol. A key player in the comebacks that allowed Real Madrid to lift the Fourteenth in Paris, Rayo has found the net in the last three league games. He sealed the victory against Betis after a pass from Valverde, sentenced Mallorca with a great individual action and put the victory on track at the Metropolitano taking advantage of a masterful delivery by Tchouaméni behind Felipe.

In this way, the player from São Paulo, who had only sealed three goals in his first 67 League games, has recorded seven in the last eleven. His ability to adapt to any forward position makes him the perfect wild card for Ancelotti, who has already anticipated that this season he would have a greater role.

“Both Valverde and Rodrygo are special players. It is what the modern footballer has to be now. They can play in various positions and they have something technically and physically. Both have made a lot of progress”, Ancelotti congratulated himself after a derby that, with Mbappé and Haaland parked for the moment, outlines what Real Madrid’s offensive future may be.