For a long time, the future of a large supermarket chain was negotiated. Now it is clear that there will not be a future for all branches.

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A popular supermarket chain will probably not exist in this form for much longer. Of the 277 branches in Germany, some are to be closed.

Munich – After long negotiations, the fate of a popular supermarket chain now seems to be sealed. Like the portal chip reported, the supermarket Real stands in its previous form before the end.

Supermarket chain Real before the end: What happens to the 277 branches?

The Metro Group and the real estate investor Redos are said to have agreed after over a year on a deal. With a three-stage program, the plans are to be implemented by the end of the year, so chip, According to the chip, the plans still have to be approved by the Bundeskartellamt.

In total, there are 277 Real stores in Germany. About 180 of them are to go to Kaufland, Edeka, Rewe and Globus. Full of closures you probably can not pass – for about 40 markets, this news could be the complete out, so A part of the branches will be continued by Metro itself. However, according to Handelsblatt Kaufland should have no interest in the Real branches. A buyer is sought for the brand's online store.

Video: Sale of real – METRO conducts exclusive negotiations

The future of the supermarket chain has long been a topic – the employees were already worried about their jobs. In several other chains contaminated milk led to a mega-recall. She was contaminated with dangerous bacteria.

For a long time, chain Real could not compete with other supermarkets

The supermarket chain Real succeeded for some time no longer, to hold its own against competitors such as Edeka or Rewe.

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