Reality in the Russian army: Soldiers describe the terrifying behavior of their bosses

The war in Ukraine is still not over, and for Russia it is certainly not developing according to his ideas. Even the soldiers themselves are dissatisfied with the progress of the war. Some of their critical statements have now become public.

The Russian marines are not satisfied with the way the fighting is going or with the way the commanders are treating them. Disgruntled men describe being treated like “cannon fodder” by “incompetent” generals. The reason for the complaints are failures in the fight near the village of Pavlivka in the Donetsk region.

The Pacific Fleet’s 155th Marine Brigade has suffered huge losses there in recent days. During four days, 300 soldiers of this unit are said to have died, been wounded or disappeared.

​Surviving members of the Marine Corps, according to information on Russian Telegram channels dealing with the war in Ukraine, wrote a letter to the head of Russia’s Primorye Region, Oleg Kozhemyak. According to the Daily Mail, it blames the catastrophic planning of generals Rustam Muradov and Zurab Akhmedov for the massacre.

The soldiers allegedly claimed in the letter that Russian commanders were “hiding” the chaos in the Donetsk region and “reducing the number of casualties out of fear”. In the letter, the Marine Corps also demanded that Vladimir Putin be personally informed of the alleged massacre and that he establish an independent military commission.

But the Russian Ministry of Defense denies reports of a catastrophic situation at Pavlivka. “Thanks to the competent actions of unit commanders, Marine casualties do not exceed one percent of combat personnel,” the statement said.

Russia continues to attack. Ukrainian general described what he is facing (11/2022):