Daniel Lee Martin, a reality show host on the Sportsman channel and a popular country music singer, committed suicide when, after law enforcement officers attempted to deliver multiple arrest warrants related to charges of child sexual abuse, according to authorities .

Martin appeared on the Sportsman channel as host of the shows. Outdoor brotherhood Y Backstage and Backroads with Daniel Lee Martin. The latter was a mixture of images of concerts behind the scenes and Martin hunting, fishing and playing with his famous friends.

He also starred in the reality show Until death do us part on CarbonTV with his wife Julie McQueen. McQueen filed for divorce after his arrests were made public in 2018.

Pasco County Sheriff’s agents arrived at a residence in New Port Richey, Florida on Friday to deliver the arrest warrants, which they claim. Nine charges related to sex with children. They had no response from Martin, 54. A SWAT team was called, as Martin had made threats against himself and others. Later they found his body.

He was wanted for three counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, three counts of aggravated sexual assault, one charge of requesting a minor to commit rape of a child and two counts of committing aggravated sexual assault, the county Sheriff’s office said. from Pasco. in a sentence. Tennessee law enforcement officers issued the orders

Martin was arrested on January 27 in Pasco County on local charges of lustful and lustful display and the prohibition of certain acts related to obscenity. He was released on bail of $ 1,500.

An arrest report said a young woman told detectives that while staying with Martin for several nights in November, he stroked her genitals while sitting next to him on a sofa while showing him pornographic movies.

In September 2018, a grand jury in Williamson County, Tennessee, accused Martin on charges of sexual assault involving three children under 13. Martin was scheduled to be tried in March, according to a report in the You have.

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