Sarah Fraisou, a noted candidate of the "Angels of reality TV 10", feels better and better in her body. Indeed, she took advantage of the NRJ12 program to start a diet, before undergoing several cosmetic surgery operations last April. In addition to a breast lift, she also performed a complete liposuction. Now very thin, she regularly appears on social networks, including her Instagram account on which she is very active. As often, she does not hesitate to wear sexy outfits, but her last shot had the gift of raising the temperature … And to create controversy: would she have shown too much? ⋙ Sarah Fraisou fiancée: the incredible marriage proposal received by the star of the Angels … (VIDEO) So she wears an ultra-décolleté top that Sarah Fraisou appears on her last Instagram post. Currently on vacation in a club in Marrakech, the reality star is posing astride a quad, serious face and body slightly leaning forward, revealing the birth of his chest. A snapshot that has not failed to react strongly users. In just a few hours, a shower of comments fell under the picture. And if many fans support the young woman in his approach to assume full, others have not failed to emphasize the vulgar nature of the pose of the young woman. "Vulgarity hello!" Or "Poor T-shirt, I feel it will crack" could we read in particular under the photo. And you, what do you think of this photo? Find the shot of Sarah Fraisou below:



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