Realme Watch 3 Review : Light But Withstands All Obstacles

HAI-ONLINE.COM- When it comes to smartwatches, there’s actually only one thing that HAI is looking for, namely a strong battery life. For the rest, think of it as an extra but useful feature too.

It turned out to be on the realme Watch 3. This smartwatch has a very strong battery life. For one week of use since it was taken out of the box, the battery still has 18% remaining. Even though I use it everyday for navigating music when on the road.

The advantage that HAI likes again in this smartwatch is that the screen is wide enough for a smartwatch at this price. The design offered by realme is also attractive, with a minimalist and clean theme.

It’s just that HAI doesn’t like the rubber strap which, if you wear it continuously during ablution, makes the skin shrink when you open it. It would be better if there was a strap option, realme.

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Dok. HAI

Realme Watch 3

If it’s a matter of features, I don’t think you need to ask again. Just like regular smartwatches, realme Watch 3 is equipped with 110 sport modes, sleep detection, heart rate and can answer the phone. Spoiler: loud speakers.

Oh yes, when it comes to water resistance, as HAI has mentioned above, this watch is often carried in a wet manner, which is thanks to the IP68 certification, so it is water and dust resistant.

For now, the realme Watch 3 doesn’t have a price, bro, but you can keep an eye on e-commerce because it’s launching today (18/8).

Oh yes, there are also two color choices, friend, namely black and gray. So choose the one that fits you!