Reasons Intel Pentium Disappeared from Laptops and PCs

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Intel will replace the Pentium and Celeron brands. Its successor is the Intel Processor starting in 2023.

The Verge writes that Intel will focus on the Core, Evo and vPro brands on its flagship products. Meanwhile, Intel Processor is used in so-called “essential” products.

“Intel is committed to driving innovation to deliver benefits to users and our entry-level processor family is critical to raising the bar for PCs at all price points,” said Josh Newman, VP and interim general manager of Intel mobile client platforms. .



Branding The new Intel Processor will simplify our offering, so users can focus on choosing the right professor for their needs.”

With this policy, this will be the end of the life of the Pentium after almost 30 years. Debuted in 1993, chip it was introduced on high-end desktops before finally being used to laptops.

Most of today’s Intel has used the Core brand for its flagship product line. Core itself was launched in 2006, and the Pentium shifted to use for middle-class processors.

Meanwhile, Celeron is Intel’s brand for Cheap PCs. Launched five years after the Pentium arrived, chip it offers much less work at a lower cost to laptop makers and consumers.

The first Celeron chip in 1998 based on the Pentium II. Today, the brand is mostly used on cheap Chromebooks and laptops.

This brand change, according to Intel, will not affect the company’s current product offerings or roadmap. His company said the decision would continue to deliver the same products and benefits to the segment.

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