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"Rebels", big and small fish

This award-winning comedy at the Alpe d'Huez festival puts three workers in a Dunkirk cannery at the hands of a bunch of thugs.

Rebels **

by Allan Mauduit

French movie, 1h27

For Sandra, the return to Dunkirk sounds like an admission of failure. With no job or housing, this former Miss Pas-de-Calais dreamed of a more thrilling life than returning to her 35-year-old campsite at her mother's hometown after fifteen years on the Côte d'Azur. At the fish cannery where she finds a position, her arrival is a sensation: many remember her, starting with the foreman that his morgue does not cool. He soon compelled her to stay one night with two of her colleagues, Nadine and Marilyn, to wash the machines after the other employees had left. When he tries to rape her, Sandra defends herself and accidentally dies in the factory where only these three women are present. They give up calling emergencies when they find in their locker room a bag full of bundles of notes.

In France, the working class is more the setting of social films than of comedies – even if discount and The invisible ones by Louis-Julien Petit denies this dichotomy. Although in difficult situations (married to an unemployed, Nadine no longer manages to pay the rent and the unpredictable Marilyn raises alone his son, somehow), the three heroines of Allan Mauduit are strong women who do not do not let your feet go. When they have in their hands the wort of the foreman, they carry this manna that will put more than butter in their spinach. We leave to the spectators who have not seen the trailer the discovery of how they will get their body out of the factory …

A trio boosted

Let's be clear: all is not the best taste in this comedy that doubles as a bloody thriller. Nevertheless, the film offers the scary portrait of three funny ladies who do not let it count. Rebels, they are, as snarling and brutal if necessary, but Allan Mauduit also knows how to make them endearing. We have often seen films where quidams meet big concerns for having got their hands on the sorrel of thugs (The fall of the American empire Denys Arcand, to name only one of the most recent), but it was rarely women. Sandra, Nadine and Marilyn, the last to have seen the foreman, will have to answer the questions of the police and quickly become the target of the clan of the Belgians to whom the money should return.

Far from the exquisite delicacy of Mademoiselle de Joncquieres Emmanuel Mouret, Cécile de France proves that she can definitely play everything by becoming an ex-Miss Chti morning cagole, determined to seize his chance. At his side, we find with pleasure Audrey Lamy and Yolande Moreau, who brings his quiet good-humored Nadine, the most lucid trio who nevertheless does not hesitate to brandish a shotgun sawn under the noses of intruders. Simon Abkarian marvelously completes the distribution of this film with a black humor that is not devoid of humanity.

Corinne Renou-Nativel



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