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Recall action at Lidl: plastic parts in the cheese


Risk of injury from plastic chips in grated cheese from Lidl

For unpleasant surprises can currently provide a sold at Lidl cheese product. The Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety and Lidl Germany warn against plastic debris that has got into the grated cheese.

Affected is the product "Milbona Gouda young grated, matured for at least 7 weeks" in the 250 gram pack with the best before date 21 April 2019, the identity plate NL Z 0507 i EC and lot numbers 834799538051020190121 and 834799538051021190121.

This grated Gouda from Lidl with the best before date April 21, 2019 will be recalled. (Image: food alert.de)

Never consume

As the manufacturer states, it can not be ruled out that plastic products are contained in the product concerned. "Due to the potential risk of injury when eating, customers should absolutely pay attention to the recall and never consume the product," warns Lidl in a customer information on the website of the discounter.

Have you already bought the grated cheese?

According to Lidl, the affected product can be returned in any store without presentation of the receipt. The purchase price will be refunded. The grated cheese of Delicateur was distributed in the federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate. As Lidl reports, the product has already been removed from store shelves. Other products of the manufacturer are not affected.

What are the dangers of plastic parts in food?

Plastic chips in food can cause cuts and punctures in the mouth during chewing. If the plastic particles are swallowed, they can interfere with breathing and cause respiratory problems or respiratory distress. In the worst case danger of asphyxiation (see: first aid with dangerous foreign bodies in the body). In addition, foreign bodies can trigger inflammation and / or stomach discomfort, depending on their shape and size. Internal bleeding can not be excluded if the swallowed small parts are sharp or sharp-edged. (Vb)

(Picture 1: Andrey Bandurenko / fotolia.com)




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