Business Recalls and product warnings: dm calls back baby care...

Recalls and product warnings: dm calls back baby care lotion


January 24: drugstore chain dm calls back baby care lotion from “alverde”

As a precaution, the drugstore chain dm is calling back a baby care lotion. According to a message from the Karlsruhe company on Friday, it is the “alverde baby care lotion organic shea butter organic chamomile”, regardless of the best-before date. It cannot be ruled out that the product may occasionally contain yeast. “The risk of a health impact is very low, but the use of the product can favor inflammation for sensitive consumers,” said the drugstore. Lotions that have already been purchased can be returned to the appropriate dm branches. The purchase price will be refunded.

Source: DPA

January 22: Unilever recalls “Knorr Fix” spice mix

Due to incorrect labeling, Unilever Deutschland Holding recalled its seasoning mix “Knorr Fix for Sauerbraten” with the expiration dates January, February and March 2021. Instead of the “Vegetarian” logo, the packaging carries the “Vegan” logo and a note on vegan preparation, the company said on Friday in Hamburg. However, since the product actually contains dairy products and milk sugar, there is a risk of an allergic reaction. “The product is unsuitable for a vegan diet,” the company said. Apart from this declaration error, the product is labeled with a correct list of ingredients and the quality is perfect.

Source: DPA

January 17: Aldi Nord calls Mozzarella back

Aldi Nord is currently recalling the “Classico” variety of the article “D’Antelli Mozzarella, 125 g” with a best before date of January 21, 2020. As the company said, there may be isolated plastic foreign bodies in the cheese. The affected goods were in the Aldi companies Beucha, Greven, Hann. Münden, Herten, Hesel, Lingen, Scharbeutz, Schloß-Holte and Weimar sold. Customers can return the items to the branches and get the purchase price refunded.

Source: Aldi north

January 17: Fuchs calls back oregano

The spice manufacturer Fuchs is recalling its product “Fuchs Professional Oregano rubbed, 250 g bag” because of undesirable ingredients. As the company announced in Dissen near Osnabrück, the recall is for reasons of preventive consumer protection and in coordination with the responsible authorities. The product can be returned in the store. The purchase price will be reimbursed.

Source: DPA

January 15: Ikea calls back travel cups

Ikea is calling back a travel drinking cup because of possible chemical pollution. The furniture store asks customers who have bought the “Troligtvis” mug labeled “Made in India” to stop using it. The reason given in the message from Wednesday: “Current tests have shown that the prescribed limit values ​​of released chemicals may be exceeded.”

It’s about dibutyl phthalate (DBP) – a substance that, according to Ikea, should not be found in products that come into contact with food. The mug has been sold since October 2019 and has now been removed from the range. Customers who bought it should bring it back and get their money back without a receipt. As a precautionary measure, the cup is being called back, “although the risk is very low that it will have an immediate negative impact on health,” the statement said.

Source: DPA

January 9: Danger of mold poison in Lubs fruit bars

Because of the risk of mold poison in figs, the Lübeck company Lubs has recalled two types of fruit bars. A company spokeswoman said in Lübeck on Thursday that the figs used for the “Almond & Vanilla” and “Banana & Almond” bars had an increased ochratoxin A content (OTA). This mold poison can have kidney damage and be carcinogenic if the long-term intake is greatly increased. The increased OTA content was found in a routine check in a batch of Turkish figs. Previously, analyzes by the supplier had measured values ​​well below the required limit values. Lubs primarily sells bars across the country to organic supermarkets.

Affected are the almond-vanilla bars with the best-before dates 14.10.2020, 11.11.2020 and 12.12.2020 and for banana-almond bars with the dates 23.09.2020, 20.10.2020, 13.11.2020 and 12.12.2020.

Consumers will be reimbursed the purchase price, as the company said. The percentage of figs in the bars is around 20 percent. The company claims to work only with ingredients from organic farming.

Source: DPA

January 8: Fire hazard at Philips Avent baby monitors

As a precaution, the British Philips subsidiary Philips Avent is recalling a model of the popular SCD620 baby monitor with video function. As the portal reports, these are devices produced between January 2016 and March 2018. Accordingly, the company announced that in rare cases the battery of the parent device could overheat if it was connected to the socket. According to the company, the recall is taking precautionary measures and in coordination with the responsible authorities. So far there have been no injuries and independent fires. However, the risk of an autonomous fire cannot be completely ruled out, said Philips in a customer statement.

Only devices with the following serial numbers are affected (to be found on the bottom of the parent device)


Affected people can register their baby monitor on the Internet at and receive a free new device.


January 2: Decathlon calls back child bike seat

The Decathlon company is recalling the 100 B’CLIP child bike seat. “As part of safety and quality controls, the team at our cycling brand B’TWIN – ELOPS identified a potential risk with a limited number of copies of the product,” says a message. Customers who bought the product between October 01, 2018 and November 20, 2019 are affected. In very rare cases, the fastening point of the fastener for the seat belts may break. This could happen if the fastening point on the seat shell in front of the lock shows a bluish / turquoise discoloration. Customers can return the product to any Decathlon store and either receive an identical or similar model, depending on availability, or a refund of the purchase price.



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