Recent earthquakes: Earthquake in Tunceli! Latest earthquakes list according to AFAD and Kandilli Observatory data …

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AFAD announced that an earthquake of 3.6 magnitude 6.99 deep occurred in Tunceli Pülümür at 00.53. Many earthquakes occur every day in many cities of our country, which is located in an earthquake zone. All information about the latest earthquakes is shared by Kandilli Observatory and AFAD. Here is the list of recent earthquakes …




“EARTHQUAKE” is the phenomenon where the vibrations that occur suddenly due to the breaks in the earth’s crust spread in waves and shake the surface and the environment they pass through. Earthquake is a natural event that shows that the soil that people regarded as immobile and safely stepped on would also play, and that all the structures on it could be destroyed in a way that could be damaged and lost their lives. The branch of science that examines how the earthquake occurred, how earthquake waves spread across the earth, measuring instruments and methods, evaluation of records, and other issues related to earthquakes is called “SEISMOLOGY”.


The jolts occurring after the main earthquake are called aftershocks. Aftershocks occur in the center where the main earthquake is felt, but it is smaller in severity. If the aftershocks occur more severely than the main earthquake, it should be known that the earthquake that occurred before the aftershock is not the main earthquake but the leading shock and the earthquake called the aftershock is actually the main earthquake. Earthquake fracture types: There are three types of fracture. These; The slope-slip reverse fracture is the slope-slip normal fracture and the strike-slip fracture. Many earthquakes on earth occur as a result of fractures on slope slip and strike slip faults.



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