Reception Fee Billed, Land For Sale


The Pomegranate Branch family was billed for the wedding reception. On the other hand, Gandi Alfian’s family is selling land to cover half the cost of the reception.

After the ‘disaster’ of marriage has passed, Branch Pomegranate is now faced with a new problem. Wedding rental services began to charge fees to the 22-year-old woman.

“There have been people coming (asking for the wedding reception rental fee) because yesterday they just gave a down payment of Rp. 3 million,” said Branch when confirmed by detikJatim, Sunday (15/5/2022).

“Yesterday, I asked (from tent equipment and sound services),” added Branch.

When the tent rental service came to ask for payment, said Ranting, his family could only answer that they were waiting for the money to be deposited from the groom’s family, Gandi Alfian. At that time, the tent rental service asked the Branch’s family to make a statement of willingness to pay.

“Yesterday I was ordered to make a statement of ability to pay until the specified time limit,” said Branch.

Branch said that the tent rental service asked to be paid no later than May 25. Meanwhile, until now, continued Branch, the groom’s family has not come at all after the D-day of May 8, 2022.

“Until today, it has not been given at all (the groom),” said Branch.

Branch revealed that from the results of deliberation by both the groom’s and the bride’s families, the total cost of the reception was around Rp. 45 million. The cost is shared by both parties who will pay both the groom and the bride’s family.

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“Yesterday, the joint agreement paid a total of Rp. 45 million and it was agreed,” said Branch.

Of the total budget of Rp. 45 million, the costs were shared by both parties with the distribution of Rp. 22.5 million to each bride. Details for the rental of sound systems and tents are IDR 19.5 million, electone entertainment is IDR 3 million, decorations and manten make up IDR 13.5 million and the rest is consumption costs.

“The total agreement yesterday was Rp. 45 million divided by the results of the deliberation, totaling around Rp. 22.5 million each,” said Branch.

Twig added, the number is actually still smaller than it actually is. The cost of consumption should be around Rp. 30 million. “For consumption, it was actually Rp. 30 million yesterday, but yes, we are global at Rp. 45 million, divided by two parties,” he explained.

Gandi’s family is ready and responsible for paying 50 percent of the wedding expenses. “His mother (Gandi) is my continued wife and is currently not at home because she is going to Sragen regarding the completion of the 50 percent wedding fee for the bride,” said Senuhadi (70), Gandi’s stepfather to detikJatim, Sunday (15/5/2022). ).

Senuhadi explained that his family would be responsible for the deal. To pay the burden for the wedding expenses, his wife Sri Sulastri (55), is taking care of the sale of land in Sragen.

“But I do not know the details of the sale of the land, whether it was sold or not. My wife has not returned yet,” added Senuhadi.

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Senuhadi said, according to the agreement of both parties, the groom’s family paid Rp. 22.5 million for the wedding reception.

“The Rp 22.5 million was used to pay for the rental of the tarpaulin (tent), sound system and electone. Both parties have agreed,” he explained.

The video of the reception without the groom’s presence has gone viral in the past week. The 17-second video shows the bride in a white wedding dress standing on the aisle flanked by 4 bridesmaids wearing black robes and blue veils. The bride is Twig.

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