Recklinghausen: Fire service at the Becorit company

At the Becorit company on Rumplerstraße, it burned early on Sunday afternoon. No information is yet known about the cause of the fire and the amount of damage.

On Sunday lunchtime (June 27th) the Recklinghausen fire brigade will be deployed to the Becorit company on Rumplerstraße in Hillerheide. Clouds of smoke had risen over the company premises. © Tobias Mühlenschulte

Smoke over Hillerheide: There was a fire on the premises of the Becorit company early on Sunday afternoon. So far, nothing is known about the extent of the damage and how the fire came about. There was no danger to residents.

At 11:05 a.m., the Recklinghausen fire brigade was alerted because billows of smoke had been detected in the area of ​​the old border road. During the approach, according to operations manager Peter Huge, the origin of the smoke was then identified on Rumplerstraße. The Becorit company is based there. The extinguishing work was completed by 12 noon.

A master key was used to gain non-violent access to the company premises, the head of operations continued. In addition to the rescue station’s fire fighting train, the eastern fire fighting train was also on site. 25 fire fighters were on duty.

Becorit wants to comment on Monday

A person in charge from Becorit who was called in did not want to provide any information about the fire for the time being. The company plans to comment on the incident on Monday.

The Becorit company develops, manufactures and tests disc brake linings and plastic brake blocks for rail vehicles. The company was founded in 1926.

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