Reclaiming one’s history through decolonial video games

The workshop was above all a meeting which made it possible to see how everyone can reclaim a video game in relation to their practice, their narration or their aesthetics. For Ayoko Mensah, artistic director at Bozar in charge of programming the Afropolitan Festival, the strength of the workshop was also the profiles, which were all different in terms of gender, origin or age. “It reflects one of the objectives of this festival, to be a real crossroads“, she explains.

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Machinimas make it possible to take a tool of mass consumption, the video game, and make it a tool for producing meaning because we hijack its codes, explains Isabelle Arvers. Thanks to the short films made during the workshop, which will be viewed on May 29, the participants were able to tell new stories.

We play, we select the parts, we arrive at the editing phase, we have an animated film in which we can tell what we want, without going through the galleys of animation. It’s strong“, explains Ayoko Mensah. In addition to this reappropriation, this workshop allows you to discover lesser known games.