Recommend a guide for positive digital practices on youth mental health

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Participants in the last Ramadan Council of the Ministry of Interior recommended the creation of a guide for positive digital practices on mental health among young people, support for technical incubators, in coordination with educational institutions in the country, especially colleges that specialize in computers and programming work, and enhance the spirit of competition among them in the systems of continuous matches, evaluation, support and honor Outstanding business.

In the recommendations, the importance of supporting the family’s role in protecting their children, enhancing internet security by following up on new technologies, and preparing strategies and programs between the concerned parties to protect generations from their interaction with social media and distance education, as well as expanding the production of dramatic artwork that expresses a heritage “Zayed Al-Khair”, applying the standards of the 7-star system, and keeping pace with the digital transformation of government services.

This came within the seventh and final council that was held yesterday, Monday, from the Councils of the Ministry of Interior Ramadan in its ninth session, which is organized remotely under the slogan of the future emirates “ready for the fifty”, and discusses the topic of safe haven within the axes of a safe digital life, and protecting future generations, and the Emirates are the homeland of all , And security artificial intelligence.

Deputy Chief of Police and Public Security in Dubai Lt. Gen. Dahi Khalfan Tamim stated that the “safe haven” needs to strengthen capabilities, development and continuous improvement, and societal efforts must be combined, and the role of the family, especially parents, to follow up on children who spend long hours on the Internet, which leads To expose them to many risks without family knowledge.

He added, “It is imperative that the family cooperate with the competent security authorities to face these dangers that the children may face as a result of sitting for long hours on the Internet, in order to achieve security in the community, which requires the follow-up of the children, especially in adolescence, through the family’s communication. And follow-up, and enhance its societal role, and its communication with the relevant authorities, to protect them and provide them with a safe haven, and not to abuse technological and electronic developments in negative ways that threaten our youth, and lead them to delinquency and fall into cyber crime ».

He stressed that technological and electronic development is a double-edged sword, and it must be ensured that it is used in positive aspects, as well as the responsibility of parents to follow up on their children and not only depend on security agencies in the fight against cyber crime, pointing to the importance of the family’s social role to build a conscious and generous youth who understands the importance of security and a safe haven.

For his part, the First Deputy Chairman of the Federal National Council, Hamad al-Rahoumi, explained: “The legislation and laws issued by the state, and the efforts made by it aim to ensure that the citizen gets the best rights and services that help him to be a citizen with high physical and psychological health, and is prepared to deal with the age in which he lives, And with the tools that suit him. ”

The Director General of the Federal Youth Foundation, Saeed Al-Nazri, spoke about the importance of using digital means to identify the mental health challenges among young people, investing in digital services for young people, and their economic and social role, so it is imperative to create a guide for positive digital practices on mental health among young people, noting The importance of investing in the presence of digital youth through guidelines and platforms that adopt positive digital behaviors to serve the country and the citizen.

“The electronic and smart transformation of institutions and governments is a major requirement for improving services, speeding business completion, raising the efficiency of institutional systems, increasing the satisfaction of the public and beneficiaries, and enhancing global competitiveness,” said Dr. Obaid Saleh Al-Mukhtan, an expert in e-government and information crime.

He added: “In an era of crises, it has been proven that investment and support for these sectors in particular is a mandatory option for business continuity. Without strong digital infrastructure, important sectors including academic and university education, business centers and various economic systems, and even health and security institutions are stopped, and is considered a launch A project to adopt and integrate the applications of institutional artificial intelligence to crown the status of technology in the field of communications, information and institutional innovation.

He stated that the UAE government adopted a distinguished strategy to address the Corona pandemic crisis, and it was the biggest testimony to the success of sound strategic planning in the first place, and then it was the best proof of the duration of the durability of the infrastructure, whether in the health, technology or security sector, and during a record period proved its effectiveness and the extent of Knowledge of the work teams with various skills, science and complete readiness, whether from software or innovative equipment from all sectors, which depends on the basics of artificial intelligence in its work, and that these efforts from all came to meet the aspirations and vision of the leaders of the UAE and its people.

On her part, Counselor Maryam Ismail Al-Raisi from Rabdan Academy mentioned that the Emirates is the homeland of all, a meaning that has become a working strategy for all governmental and private institutions based on soft power indicators, pointing out that it is the only country that established a Ministry of Tolerance, and the Ministry’s strategic vision included asserting peaceful coexistence, And tolerance between peoples.

She pointed out that the UAE has a long history in the race for global indicators, and in some of them have reached the first positions such as: Competitiveness and innovation index, and foreign aid, which in its entirety came to achieve the concept of the Emirates and the homeland of all, both domestically and abroad, in light of support and extending a helping hand and assistance to countries During natural disasters and crises.



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