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Reconditioned equipment : in 2018, forget the nine !


Consumption. The market for repackaged has exploded in France, with 1.9 million of the smartphones sold in 2016. Computers, tablets and phones who have received a second life appeal to small consumers of reunion island.

offer the latest products from Apple or Samsung at less price, it is the mission of the resellers of reconditioned equipment. Environmentally-friendly and accessible to the greatest number, this still young market on our island convinces more and more followers. The principle is simple : offer customers products that have already been the subject of a use but refurbished at an amount 30% to 50% less expensive than the base price. “The devices that we receive will come factory reconditioning locations in Europe, and not of private individuals”, wishes to clarify Michael Chouicha, the boss of Repackaged Indian Ocean (KING).


When the equipment reaches the shop, he is first of all verified in a workshop for reconditioning. Then comes the reinstallation of operating systems and licenses are essential before the sale. “The prices are set according to the rules of the market opportunity but we have different grades – A , B, and C, determining the aesthetic of the product,” says the head of the company. These “assessments” serve to make known its degree of wear. “The lifespan of a device depends on its use, this is not a question of seniority,” says the manager of KING.

The interest for the technologies recycled grows in the Reunion, announcing a consequent development of the market in the years to come : “there is a real demand for the repackaged. Today, we are only three technicians are employed, but we are working closely with two engineering schools.”, adds Michael Chouicha.

KING wants to promote the circular economy and aims to decrease the consumption of resources. “The manufacture of a computer requires 240 kg of fossil fuels, 22kg of chemicals and 1500 litres of water a total of 1.8 tonnes of resources” , explains the boss. The production of a smartphone application more than 70 kilos of natural resources. That’s a lot of components.

In other signs of high-tech island, the refurbished is available, but low-dose : “We offer very little because the prices do not vary a lot compared to a new product. It is better to get a new product that another dating back three to four years with less functionality”, says Didier Piras, head of Infinytech at Sainte-Clotilde. A notice that seem to share other consumers. The clients of Bureau Vallée Saint-Pierre are “more interested in new products that of opportunity”, according to Bruno, one of the sellers of the brand. While not everyone has the same desires, but each sees according to his budget…

Ludovic Clotagatide

Backmarket, giant in the hexagon

If the market of the repackaging has not yet exploded in our island, in france, it is well installed. Launched in 2014, the start-up Parisian,Backmarket, was the first to offer a platform fully dedicated to the repackaged. With 30 million euros of turnover in 2016 for about 150 000 clients, the website is experiencing a phenomenal evolution on the net. It has storage facilities at the international (Germany, Italy, Spain) and accounts for about 20% of its sales outside france. The business platform which has 300 000 products constantly. All categories of high-tech are available: from smartphones to vacuums passing through the hairdryer. No less than 130 companies of repackaging today provide the website, which generates thousands of jobs. Among them, Remade or even Love2recycle. Symbol of its success among the internet users, Backmarket has been awarded the title of best hope in 2017 when Favor’i rewarding e-commerce sites. After Nordstrom, another pioneer in the field, new avenues will open so hunting for bargains on the net.

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A quality that was sometimes called into question

authorized resellers, such as, for example, I shop at Saint-Denis, do not have the right to propose, but some brands still have bad memories. The quality of the objects refurbished, is sometimes questioned. “Customers are attracted by the price but in the end they end up with problems with the reliability of smartphones and, in particular, concerns about” screen, also regrets Frederic Coudert, managing director of Phone Island. On the side of Microstor Saint-Pierre, still remembers “the Iphone with traces of use still visible” and “batteries not compliant”.

Stéphane Jaillet, the head of Opensphère in Sainte-Marie , advises him to purchase reconditioned equipment “only, to make use of basic and personal”. For this consultant, it would be risky to trust this type of machine in the framework of a professional work: “Imagine a room recon crashes on a computer of a company, the consequences quickly become embarrassing”, warns the consultant.

refurbished to “troubleshoot”

Despite some imperfections, the appliances recycled are a good solution for troubleshooting. “I didn’t want to spend 2000 euros for a computer so I opted for the refurbished,” says Gaëlle, visibly satisfied. The student is not disappointed of its investment. “My Macbook date for four years, but it still works as well “, she says as soon. This does not mean that it will become a large consumer of technologies recycled : “I would not make the same choice for a phone because it is a device that I use much more frequently,” relativizes the young woman.

Pierre-Paul, artist-painter of Saint-Joseph has found his happiness . “I needed a desktop computer to troubleshoot, and I stumbled on a good opportunity which I am always satisfied,” says this customer OrdiROI.

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