#ReconnaisAsTrump: social networks make fun openly from the US president

#ReconnaisAsTrump: social networks make fun
 openly from the US president

“Regrettable” for Emmanuel Macron, “irresponsible” for the representatives of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump’s decision to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was apparently laughable by hundreds of netizens on social networks.

Since this Thursday morning 7, and while the US President made his big announcement on Wednesday 6 – even ordering the establishment of preparations to transfer the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – the hashtag #Reconnais CommeTrump has become very popular on Twitter with nearly 3,000 tweets published.

In the hashtag, Internet users have each associated a comparison or an absurd sentence. Absurd, like the way they judge Donald Trump’s decision.

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Some jokes are not really funny. But some still lend a smile, if we hide the dramatic nature of the situation, and the seriousness of the events that will engender (and begets between the Palestinians and the Israeli army).

“I recognize Afida Turner as the symbol of beauty, shock and elegance to the French” , so tweeted a surfer. “I recognize that Pierre Ménez does the same job as Elise Lucet” , wrote another.

Or other tweets that can trigger, to a lesser extent, polemics: “I recognize Nantes as the capital of Brittany” or “I officially recognize + chocolate bread + as the only valid name, + + Chocolatine is an aberration ” .

A last one before we go? “I recognize Franck Ribery as an eminent member of the French Academy” .

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