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Record increase in antisemitic acts in Germany

A raise "Frightening" antisemitic acts were recorded in 2018 in Germany. A summit never reached in ten years.

It is a resurgence that worries in a country whose national identity is largely based on the repentance of the Holocaust. According to preliminary data from the German police sent at the request of the radical left-wing parliamentary group Die Linke, 1,646 antisemitic acts were recorded in Germany in 2018, an increase of 9.4% compared to 2017.

Antisemitic violence increased from 37 to 62, leaving 43 injured last year, according to preliminary data, with final statistics released in May.

Anti-Semitism at its highest in 10 years

The President of the Central Council of Jews of Germany, Josef Schuster, denounced Wednesday 13 February "A scary trend" and called to "Stronger and more urgent commitment against anti-Semitism of politics, police and justice".

And "If you think of all acts that are not criminal, things are even more worrying"added the head of this community that has about 200,000 people in Germany.

Antisemitic crime is thus at its peak since 2009 (1,690 acts), while we must go back to 2007 to find an equivalent number of anti-Jewish violence (64).

Two forms of anti-Semitism

The German government noted in 2018 that it faced two forms of anti-Semitism, the one linked to the extreme right, but also that attributed to the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants from the Arab-Muslim world in 2015-2016.

How to reduce antisemitism in France?

Several cases shocked the country last year, especially the April aggression in Berlin of an Israeli Arab wearing a kippah. The perpetrator was a newly arrived 19 year old Syrian girl who was sentenced to one month in prison. The aggression, filmed, had a huge impact. In this context, Angela Merkel decided in 2018 to appoint for the first time a government delegate for the fight against anti-Semitism.

A European phenomenon

The Chancellor has also worried many times, especially in November during the commemoration of the Nazi pogrom of the Crystal Night, the rise of anti-Jewish acts in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, against a backdrop of electoral outbursts of parties populist and extreme right.

This rise in anti-Semitism comes as other European countries are facing a similar phenomenon, especially France, where the Jewish community called on "A national leap".

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