record jackpot of 220 million euros won in French Polynesia

New record at European level this Friday, October 15, 2021 at Euromillions. The European lottery saw a French player repot the record jackpot from the € 220 million cap. With over 65 million grids played and 4.7 million winning grids, participation has reached an all-time high not seen in years! Zoom in on this incredible evening which forever marked the history of Euromillions My Million.

Euromillions winner: a Polynesian woman receives 220 million euros

That’s it, it’s done, the winner, or rather the winner of the Euromillions grid of October 15 has just been paid with her check for 220 million euros. Isabelle Cesari (FDJ Big Winner Service) and Thierry Gabaret (Director of the Pacific Games) united under one and the same banner, that of this historic gain and this European record which, it is said at the top of the Lotery, shows that all of France can gain from the Metropolis to the Overseas

Winner story: the young player played for the first time at Euromillions

Chance knows no borders nor does it show justice! For this player who has just won 220 million euros on the evening of October 15, it’s an unusual story of a winner who played a Euromillions grid in flash for the first time in her life! Should this be seen as a sign that we need to stop looking at the statistics of the draws? Nothing less certain, but, one thing is certain, luck knocks on the door of those and two who believe in their luck!

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This young winner has always seen her grandpa play, “I often told my grandpa that the day I played my turn, luck would smile on me. “, she indicated during her payment.

Why exactly did she perform in this exceptional draw? This new multimillionaire said: “I was waiting for the right moment to play and, that day, I had a hunch, moreover, before checking my game receipt after the draw, I felt like a shiver in my back.”

During the 15 days which separated from the remittance of the payment, it was necessary to hide the precious winning game receipt which was worth, at that precise moment, the tidy sum of 220 million euros and which it was essential to keep warm. for any payment. First hidden under her bed, then finally in her clothes, the winner confided that she was even afraid at one point of having lost her receipt… Next, we know her since on October 29, she finally received her bank transfer with a heavier bank account of 220 million euros, or 26.2 billion peaceful francs!

Euromillions draw on Friday, October 15, 2021: full result

The turnout for this second draw, capped at € 220 million, was incredibly high. With more than 65 million grids played in Europe for nearly 5 million winning grids, European mobilization for this historic draw has reached heights several years old.

If a single grid managed to find the 5 good numbers and the 2 good stars (49 21 26 34 31 and stars 5 and 2) in France, others, lucky, received astronomical gains at rank n ° 2. Seven players thus came away richer by € 4,608,445 by finding 6 of the 7 correct numbers, including another French player.

Euromillions result of October 15, 2021

Big winner in France: 220 million euros, new record

We only had to wait ten months for the old historical record of the Euromillions in France, raised to 200 million euros, to be exceeded! Incredible, but true, this new ceiling of 220 million euros will therefore go for a French player in the coming weeks, the time for him to claim his gain and to make a small inventory of his future finances.

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If for the moment, the FDJ does not communicate on the place where the grid was winning in France, it could be that the information never leaves the offices of the Française des Jeux in Boulogne-Billancourt. Indeed, some winners wish to maintain total anonymity, this may be the case for this big winner of the day.

  1. € 220,000,000: tonight, in the draw on Friday, October 15, 2021, a player from French Polynesia wins FCP 26.2 billion.
  2. 200.000.000 € : on December 11, 2020, after several weeks without a winner, an internet user won the first enhanced level in the history of the Euromillions. This draw was the 5th of the capped draws.
  3. 169.837.010 € : For a very long time a French record, this gain was won on September 13, 2011 at La Trinité.
  4. 162.256.622€ : on September 13, 2011, 10 years ago, a Calvados player pocketed a hell of a lot of money.
  5. 157 170 843 € : on September 1, 2020, an Alsatian couple won this record win for the Alsace region.

Biggest Euromillions winnings in France

Euromillions in Europe: 2 French among the 5 winners

At European level, this jackpot of 220 million euros is a historic record. But unbelievably, it is also the second time that a French player has managed to get their hands on a jackpot of unexpected magnitude.

In addition to these hexagonal winners, a Portuguese player, a British player and a Swiss player complete the top 5 biggest wins at Euromillions in Europe.

5 biggest Euromillions winnings in Europe