‘Record number of female protagonists in new games’ | NOW

A record number of recently announced games have a woman in the lead. This is shown by research by Feminist Frequency.

Game companies typically unveil their major new games in the summer. In previous years, this happened at game fair E3. This time, companies organized their own events because of the corona outbreak.

In 18 percent of all games revealed during that period, the lead role was played by a woman. In 23 percent of the games, a man played the lead, while 54 percent let players create their own character.

2 percent of the games studied do not have a character with a clear gender. The remaining 3 percent is an ambiguous or non-binary game figure.

This makes the number of new female game heroes the highest since the measurements started in 2015. In 2019, 5 percent of all new games at E3 had a female primary character. The year before that was the case for 8 percent of all games.

Feminist Frequency is a non-profit organization that advocates for emancipation within the game sector.


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