Record of flights by presidential plane after controversy over first lady

Great controversy and annoyance has generated in the country the fact that friends of the sons of the President of the Republic, Iván Duque, and their attendants, will address a state plane to celebrate a family birthday, as a coincidence with Duque’s official agenda in Armenia.

In The FM We reviewed the logs of the aircraft trips available for the Presidency of the Republic and found that the invitation of couples, relatives and friends of the presidents of the Republic and of his closest officials, under the figure of “special guest”.

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We officially request the information from the Administrative Department of the Presidency of the Republic, but what concerns the official delegations has only been available since 2010.

The following analysis only involves “special guests”, not to other types of officials, servants, journalists or businessmen officially invited to the Palace agendas.

Ivan Duque

For this analysis we partially have the travel logs of the current government. We have information until June 2019 and we have already formally requested the rest. Of 18 trips that appeared to the president up to that date, his younger brother Andrés Duque participated in six: in 2019 he traveled to Buenos Aires, Chile and the tour of the United States and Silicon Valley. In 2018 he traveled to New York, Rome and Brussels.

To Silicon Valley they also took Sebastián Sánchez, a cousin of the first lady, Maria Juliana Ruíz. To Paris, in November 2018, Fac 001 transported the artist Yuri Buenaventura.

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Duke also made a trip to the Holy See in Rome in October 2018, where he took his children, his mother-in-law, his brothers and the wives of the then chancellor and secretary, Carlos Holmes Trujillo and Jorge Mario Eastman.

Luigi Echeverry, a well-known friend of the president and the brain of his campaign, traveled with him to Buenos Aires and New York. Echeverry’s wife, Elsa Rodríguez, accompanied them to the one in New York on the occasion of Duque’s first UN assembly.

Santos governments

In 2018, the President Santos invited to a tour in Europe that included Spain, Germany, Italy and Hungary Manuel Parody, a businessman close to his then private secretary. The CEO of the Parody Group and brother of former Minister Gina also repeated in 2017 a tour of London, Emirates and Lisbon; in 2016 another through the United Kingdom and in 2015 he traveled twice on Fac 001 to Brussels -Italy and on a different mission to Paris

In an agenda that the president had in New York and Miami in April 2018, they also attended children of two presidential officials. In 2017, on an official tour in France, the president invited his brother Enrique and his wife; Cristian Byfield, renowned blogger; and the rector of the Externado. On a visit to Cuba in July, it was invited the wife of another high official. On a trip from Kansas to Bogotá in October 2017, they transported the president’s brother, Luis Fernando Santos, and his wife on the presidential plane.

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In February 2016, on an official visit to Washington, he invited three wives of a minister, a general and a former diplomat. In April, at a meeting at the UN, invited the minor son of a minister counselor and the husband of a diplomat. In November of that year, they traveled to Washington with the wives of former ambassadors.

In February 2015, there was a trip to Madrid with the president’s two brothers-in-law, María Cecilia and Mauricio. In June of that year, for example, Orlando Sardi, recognized in the campaign, was invited to Belgium and Italy. And Martín Carrizosa was also invited to the Philippines in November.

A very large delegation attended a trip to Singapore and Beijing in May 2012, to which a sports journalist and his daughter were invited, among several journalists.

In this account, we do not list trips related to the peace process, which required different groups.

Soccer Match in Brazil 2014

In July 2014, on a trip to Fortaleza, Brazil, two sons of a senior media manager attended. It was a match of the Colombia National Team against Brazil, decisive for the World Cup. Among other guests was today prisoner Roberto Prieto. Prieto also traveled to Panama in July of that year.

Journey of Discord between Vicky Dávila and Hassan Nassar

The mention of Hassan Nassar that bothered the digital director of Semana Magazine, Vicky Dávila, occurred in 2013, in May, to visit Pope Francis on the occasion of the canonization of Mother Laura. Only Dávila attended as the press, invited along with her husband. Also attending as special guests was a sister-in-law of Santos, relatives of Mother Laura, the president of Grupo Éxito and his wife, among other members of the Church, mayors, etc.

The trips abroad of the last presidents (information as of June 2019)

Juan Manuel Santos Calderón spent little more than a year of his eight in government abroad: 372 days. Álvaro Uribe Vélez spent 11 months, or 331 days of travel, of his eight years in office. Andrés Pastrana takes the record, because he spent eight months around the world in his four years in office, 243 days, which means that we had him ruling the country for three years and four months.

With cut to June 2019, Iván Duque completed 54 days of travel. No further information is available about Ernesto Samper and César Gaviria. Samper traveled abroad 30 times.



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