Recordings ‘Mission: impossible 7’ have come to a halt again

For Tom Cruise, the recordings of Mission: Impossible 7 are a particularly long-term work.

Tom Cruise (58) must gradually be close to despair. The recordings of his new action movie Mission: impossible 7 have just been shut down for the umpteenth time. Cruise has been on the set since February last year and has done everything she can in recent months to keep the set as corona-safe as possible. But his efforts could not prevent the recordings from having to be stopped a number of times due to corona infections.

And now, just before the finish line, the pandemic is once again throwing a spanner in the works. Earlier this month, production was halted for two weeks, but various American and British media are now reporting that the break has been extended. One consolation: most of the film is canned. Only a handful of scenes should still be shot.


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