Recovering vision after 15 years of blindness

Recovering vision after 15 years of blindness

A forty-year-old woman regained her ability to see again after 15 years of near-blindness.

The Eye Care Center at Ras Al Khaimah Hospital has succeeded in a complex surgery that has restored vision to a woman who has suffered from vision problems for more than a decade, including blurred vision, redness, piercing eyes and blurred vision, On her life.

The patient underwent two complex surgical procedures, one month apart. The first operations were performed in the right eye followed by the left eye. Both procedures were performed without the need to remain in the hospital, each lasting only one hour.

After 6 hours and beyond, the patient was able to return to her home during the same day after the surgery. In a scene that gave a cheer, the patient was able to follow her life normally after only one week of the procedure.

Dr. Arshana Sood, chief specialist and head of the ophthalmology department at Ras Al Khaimah Hospital, who took the surgery, said that this condition was very risky and very complicated. Due to the high risk, we could not have predicted the results of this surgery. In eyes that suffer very short sight.

In the course of the operation, we first opened the eye, widened the pupil, split the blind lens and sucked it, and then implanted a folding artificial lens inside the eyeball. These lenses ensure the patient’s recovery speed because it requires only a split A small one that does not exceed one inch long and is self-contained without the need to sew it.

Dr. Rida Siddiqui, Chief Executive Officer of Arabian Health Care Group and Chief Executive Officer of Ras Al Khaimah Hospital, said the patient restored sight after a long period of pain, frustration and discomfort.

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