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Recovery of the stolen 8-month-old baby in front of a hospital in Mexico City | Univision News Events

MEXICO CITY.- The 8-month-old girl Nancy Tirzo Sánchez, allegedly stolen by a woman last Sunday outside the General Hospital of Mexico City, was located Friday in the town of Ciudad Lago, municipality of Nezahualcoyotl, state of Mexico, as confirmed by authorities.

According to preliminary reports, the girl would have been bought for just over $ 300.

The mother of the little girl, María Magdalena Sánchez, says he went to the hospital to visit his sister in the company of two of his nephews, aged 6 and 15, and the baby. But the children were denied entry and had to wait in the street, in charge of the little one, near the entrance of the Metro General Hospital, in the Doctores neighborhood.

According to the story of the adolescent nephew, after half an hour the six-year-old girl wanted to go to the bathroom and a woman offered the teenager to take care of the baby while he accompanied her. The young man says that on his return, the woman and Nancy had disappeared.

But nevertheless, A security video released Thursday shows the teenager talking with the alleged thief, who receives the baby in his arms and gives the boy a ticket. When interviewed by Univision Noticias, the young man said he took the money to buy food while they waited.

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María Magdalena Sánchez left the visit at about 4:00 in the afternoon, and found her nephews with police officers, trying to locate the baby. The Attorney General's Office of Mexico City immediately began an investigation and activated the Amber Alert to find the whereabouts of Nancy and her alleged captor.

The same Sunday afternoon, the authorities spread the spoken portrait of the woman who allegedly stole the girl: between 25 and 30 years old, thin and 1.60 in height; white complexion, oval face, straight nose, depilated eyebrows, medium eyes, large mouth, thick lips and straight hair.

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