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Recruitment in the state of Ohio: Are the Buckeyes about to land another top WR?

If you can believe it, the Ohio State Buckeyes are already under a month to go until their Spring 2019 football match. Before the game, it's all for the staff and players. As the fans wait for the eagerly awaited introduction of Justin Field's new Buckeye quarterback, the rest of the team begins to form for the upcoming season. The beauty of the spring game for the Buckeyes is not only to give the fans an early glimpse of the team, but also the opportunity to host their top goals for an exciting weekend.

When recruits come into a spring game and see crowds larger than many regular seasonal visits to other college programs, they know Buckeye football is special. Ryan Day and his staff are already working on an impressive list of visitors for the April weekend – and that's a tradition that will not end so quickly.

Could Rakim be next?

It has already been discussed several times in detail, but it is worth repeating it: Buckeye coach Brian Hartline proves that he is not only a guru with the peculiarities of the game, but also in the recruitment. His ability to reach his top goals in the 2019 class was impressive enough, but his entry into the 2020 class consolidates what could be a very long and successful tenure as coach of the position for which he once served Ohio State has played. The main priority of the Buckeyes in the class 2020 is in the offensive. Fortunately, the buckeyes already have four placements in the item group because they are looking for at least one or two more. Although the offensive may be the largest group of commits, the recipients do not seem to be far behind as Hartline searches for elite talent in all four corners of the country.

One recipient Ohio State would like to develop further is Rakim Jarrett, born in Washington DC. A name that is certainly known to Buckeye fans. Jarrett has long settled in Ohio State for a while. St. John's College Prospect is one of the best recipients in the country. Hartline and the rest of Ohio's offensive staff will be in the process of recruiting until the very end, which could be close by. The five-star talent announced earlier this week through his Twitter account that a "commitment coming soon" would be in his plans.

Whether the Buckeyes have a good chance or not, is the actual topic of the discussion. As the SEC programs approach him quickly and furiously, Hartline and Ryan Day will do their best to hold their mind to take the lead for this elite receiver.

As the Buckeyes continue to bring Rakim to justice, yesterday brought very positive news when conducted a brief interview with Jarrett, showing how serious he is with Ohio and making it his potential landing pad.

If Ohio State and Coach Hartline Jarrett can compete in their class, they would not only have the nation's second highest recipient, but also the 13th best recipient in Gee Scott Jr. and 25th in Jaxon Smith-Njigba. What looks like it could be an epic pay-as-you-go in 2020, fans of Buckeye should be excited about the future of the position and its continuing excellence. If Rakim wants to join the fold, we may not have to wait much longer to find out.


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