Recruitment of foreigners: Issa Tchiroma calls company and project managers to order

(Business in Cameroon) – In a circular letter signed on June 27, 2022 and addressed to public and private company managers, as well as project managers, the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, Issa Tchiroma Bakary ( photo), invites the latter to respect the procedures for obtaining visas for the employment contracts of personnel of foreign nationality.

« It has been given to me to observe that business leaders submit applications for visas for employment contracts of personnel of foreign nationality, without attaching to them a plan for the Cameroonization of jobs for which visas are requested, or a transfer mechanism of skills or technologies for nationals, when the request relates to a single worker of foreign nationality, or concerns a strategic or management positionwrites Minister Tchiroma.

In other words, this member of the Cameroonian government invites the heads of companies recruiting foreign personnel, and who seek the visa of his services, in accordance with the regulations, to ensure that all the provisions are taken, so that nationals are supervised, so as to later take over the position of the foreign worker.

Indeed, recalls Issa Tchiroma, “in addition to strategic and management positions, the minister responsible for employment issues should only grant a work visa to a worker of foreign nationality if it is proven that there are no competent Cameroonians in the position requested, or when the employer who plans to hire a worker of foreign nationality proves that he has also hired a Cameroonian, who assists the worker of foreign nationality, for the purposes of skills and technology transfer».