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Red Bull declassified Verstappen’s status. The damage to the monopost is three-quarters of a million euros – Red Bull has declassified Verstappen’s status. The damage to the monopost is three-quarters of a million euros

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Max Verstappen is OK after a bad-looking accident at the UK Grand Prix in the Formula 1 championship series at Silverstone.

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Max Verstappen (right) and Lewis Hamilton before the start of the UK Grand Prix.

According to Red Bull adviser Helmut Marko.

“We thought he would be completely stiff from the hard impact, but he only has a minor sore throat. Otherwise, everything is fine, “said the Austrian expert in an interview with RTL.

At the end of Sunday’s first round of dramatic racing, the Dutch leader of the series collided with reigning champion Briton Lewis Hamilton, who was later penalized by ten seconds for his aggressive driving style.

At 290 km / h, the Verstappen crashed into a tire barrier, exerting a 51G force at the time.

He got out of the car on his own, but apparently shaken, he headed for an examination at Coventry Hospital.

From there, accompanied by Father Jos, he moved into a hotel room. “He left the hospital without serious injuries, his father stayed in the hotel with him overnight, but only for safety reasons,” said Marko.

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Hamilton first sent Verstappen to the hospital, then won

The former Formula 1 pilot quantified the damage suffered by Red Bull as track staff removed the remains of Verstappen’s monopost.

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“At the moment, it looks like a quarter of a million euros. And we don’t know yet if we will be able to save at least a Honda engine from a car wreck, “said the 78-year-old native of Graz, who also won the well-known Le Mans 24-hour endurance race during his career.

Verstappen said on the social network that he did not like him as his main competitor Hamilton celebrated the triumph in Silverstone at a time when he had to undergo professional examinations in the hospital and could not really compete with him on the track. He described it as a lack of respect for him.

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Hamilton shot down Verstappen, then celebrated. They’re going crazy in Red Bulle

The seven-time world champion Hamilton reacted by saying nothing to excuse himself because the aggressive bike-to-bike ride was performed by both actors.

He later told Autosport that he did not want the incident to break mutual respect between the two biggest rivals in the fight for the championship title.

“We should learn from this accident and find a balance in our rides so that such dangerous moments do not happen.

It rarely happens that only one driver causes such a thing. It is usually a combination of what two or more competitors will show on the track.

That’s why Max and I should learn a lesson and maintain mutual respect for the future, “said Hamilton.

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Monkeys and gorillas. After footballers, Hamilton also catches it on social networks

Calendar and results of F1 2021

Date, venue and name of the winner / start time with us
1. 28. brand Bahrain Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton
2. April 18 VC Emilia-Romagna Max
3. May 2 VC Portugal Lewis
4. May 9 Grand Prix of Spain Lewis
5. May 23 WC Monaco Max
6. June 6 WC of Azerbaijan Sergio perez
7. June 20 French Grand Prix Max
8. June 27 VC Styria Max
9. July 4 Grand Prix of Austria Max
10. July 18 VC Great Britain Lewis
11. 1. augusta Grand Prix of Hungary 15.00
12. 29. augusta Belgian Grand Prix 15.00
13. September 5 Dutch Grand Prix 15.00
14. September 12 Italian Grand Prix 15.00
15. September 26 VC Russia 14.00
16. October 3 VC Singapore 14.00
17. October 10 VC Japan 7.00
18. October 24 YOU USE 21.00
19. October 31 VC Mexico 20.00
20. November 7 Brazilian Grand Prix 18.00
21. November 21 Australian Grand Prix canceled, a replacement is being sought
22. December 5 Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia 17.00
23. December 12 VC Abu Dhabi 14.00
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Running order:

Riders (after 10 of 23 races): 1. Max Verstappen 185 bodov, 2. Lewis Hamilton 177, 3. Lando Norris 113, 4. Valtteri Bottas 108, 5. Sergio Pérez 104, 6. Charles Leclerc 80, 7. Carlos Sainz 68, 8. Daniel Ricciardo 50, 9 Pierre Gasly 39, 10. Sebastian Vettel 30, 11. Fernando Alonso 26, 12. Lance Stroll 18, 13. Esteban Ocon 14, 14. Juki Cunoda 10, 15. Kimi Räikkönen 1, 16. Antonio Giovinazzi 1, 17. George Russell 0, 18. Mick Schumacher 0, 19. Nicholas Latifi 0, 20. Nikita Mazepin 0

Constructors’ Cup: 1. Red Bull 289 bodov,
2. Mercedes 285, 3. McLaren 163, 4. Ferrari 148, 5. AlphaTauri 49, 6. Aston
Martin 48, 7. Alpine 32, 8. Alfa Romeo 2, 9. Williams 0, 10. Haas 0


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