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Red Bull turned to a lawyer

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Tuesday, July 20, 2021, 5:20 PM


The Hamilton-Verstappen affair begins to rise to extreme heights on Sunday. A Red Bull adviser revealed the team has already mobilized lawyers to prove the flaws in the FIA ​​procedure.

Slowly 48 hours have passed since Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen clashed on Sunday, but the parties are attacking each other with the same intensity as freshly after what happened. Red Bull came out worse from the car crash: Verstappen spent the rest of the day in the hospital, he and the team lost their confident advantage in the league, and the RB16B was broken into small pieces.

Hamilton, on the other hand, happily bubbled at the top of the podium after the race, not even taking away the 10-second penalty he received for the case, which Red Bull feels extremely mild. Christian Horner and Helmut Marko had already voiced on Sunday that the British minimum deserved an exclusion, but a one-run ban would also have been more than justified in their view.

Marko has now betrayed that, although the FIA ​​considers the case closed, they will not leave it at that and have already taken the appropriate steps. “The lawyer will then check what can be done in such a situation within the framework of the sports rules. It’s a huge luck that it didn’t end any worse for the car, and probably the engine, but that’s it. We cannot leave this at that. The suspension [Hamiltonnak] would be fully justified, ”he told the Austrian media.

During the race, of course, the penalty options are limited, which Marko doesn’t like at all. And inconsistency is definitely not. “This is ridiculous. It is the fault of this policy that it is so limited. The whole thing should be reviewed, including the functioning of the competition court. Perez was twice sentenced to five seconds in Austria for a minimal contact, after which no one even flew off the field. Hamilton could have received a boxing pass penalty and another ten seconds. But even that didn’t happen, ”said the Austrian.

“Max was on his own curve, where Hamilton should have taken the gas. You can’t touch your opponent’s rear wheel in one of the fastest corners, the slightest such moment can have fatal consequences. This is an irresponsible maneuver. Hamilton needs to know the consequences, ”Marko continued. And the consequences? The consultant says the team should reach deep into their pockets. “According to the current position, the material damage is 750,000 euros, but the situation of the engine is not yet clear. Because of the cost ceiling, this is a significant amount for us and we feel it. ” Fortunately, one thing stayed together, and that was Verstappen’s hunger for success. “Unfortunately, he certainly doesn’t race in that car [a Magyar Nagydíjon]because it is totally harmful. But they will see a very motivated Max in Hungary, ”said Marko firmly.

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