Red Bull unafraid of Mercedes’ rocket engine in Jeddah |

The Red Bull team’s motorsport advisor, Austria’s Helmut Marko, believes Mercedes won’t have a significant advantage in Saudi Arabia next week despite using a relatively cool engine on Lewis Hamilton’s car.

Mercedes has confirmed that its driver Lewis Hamilton will use in Jeddah for the penultimate round of the season the fifth engine from its pool, the one it has only used in Brazil and which therefore has very low mileage. But this does not worry too much Helmut Marko, who believes that the speed advantage observed in Brazil over the Mercedes was no longer visible in Qatar. [Hamilton n’a pas utilisé le cinquième moteur au Qatar], not least because the German manufacturer’s team no longer used the same rear wing as in Sao Paulo and therefore expects the same to be true in Saudi Arabia.

“We saw in Qatar that Hamilton’s speed advantage in the straights was not as great anymore [par rapport au Brésil], it was more or less within the normal range. “ Helmut Marko told F1-insider.

“This is due to the fact that after more rigorous testing by the FIA, Mercedes could no longer use its extremely flexible rear wing. Mercedes will use rocket engine in Saudi Arabia, but they can no longer lower the spoiler [arrière], this will no longer give them the four-tenth advantage. “

Marko reckons that Max Verstappen will be able to make a difference on an urban track like that of Jeddah, the Dutchman having already won on other city circuits this year in Monaco or largely dominated in Baku in Azerbaijan before a tire went out. ‘bursts into his car and deprives him of a potential victory.

“We are confident in Max’s strength on the street circuits. He won in Monaco and in Baku he clearly dominated before his tire burst through no fault of his own. I think in terms of driving he can also make a difference in Saudi Arabia. “

Before the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen is still the driver’s world championship leader with eight points ahead of Lewis Hamilton.