Red Cross: Wiener celebrates 150th blood donation together with Harald Krassnitzer

Blood stock levels very low due to the pandemic – the Red Cross urgently calls for blood donations

Vienna (OTS) Gerald Netzl has already donated more than 70 liters of blood since he was 18 and has given his best an unbelievable 150 times. Actor Harald Krassnitzer personally congratulated the 53-year-old on Monday and went to donate blood himself. Because the blood stock is currently low and every donation counts.

“I have been donating blood regularly for over 30 years. For me, it doesn’t even take an hour, but my blood unit saves another person’s life,” Gerald Netzl replies when asked why blood donations are so important to him.
On average, a blood unit is needed every 90 seconds in Austria – that’s almost 1,000 blood units a day. However, only 3.5% of the population of donating age donate blood. Blood is a vital emergency drug that still cannot be produced artificially. Accordingly, the Red Cross is urgently dependent on blood donations from the Austrian population.

For this reason, Gerald Netzl also goes to donate blood several times a year – preferably to the blood donation center in Vienna. “You only ever see friendly faces among all the employees here and there are often very nice conversations during the donation. Time flies so quickly and you’re distracted.” The experienced donor admits that he’s actually afraid of needles: “Actually, I have a bit of respect for needles, but the puncture when donating blood is quick and you can hardly feel it. I would like to encourage everyone who has not yet donated blood because they are afraid of needles and motivate them to just give it a try.”

Celebrity Fan
Actor Harald Krassnitzer also found out about the 150th blood donation and came personally to the Vienna blood donation center to congratulate Gerald Netzl. He is enthusiastic and takes the anniversary as an opportunity to donate blood again himself. “I think it’s great that Mr. Netzl goes to donate blood so regularly. Whether it’s an accident, an operation or a serious illness – there are many different reasons why people need a blood supply, and we can make an important contribution to the health of the people affected by simply donating blood. The 150th donation from Mr. Netzl is also a great motivation for me to donate blood more often again.”

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Highest award for blood donation
After the donation, Gerald Netzl and Harald Krassnitzer were received by Federal Rescue Commander Gerry Foitik. He presented Gerald Netzl with the golden medal of merit with a golden laurel wreath – the highest award given for blood donation. “I would like to congratulate Mr. Netzl on his 150th blood donation and thank you very much for this commitment. I’m sure that this will motivate other people to donate blood again and save lives,” says Foitik.

Do your best and save lives
The Red Cross is currently particularly dependent on blood donations. “Current Covid-19 infections and uncertainties as to when you can donate again after the illness, holidays and leisure activities that have been made up for, as well as a certain pandemic fatigue among the population are among the reasons for the low inventory. In addition, the hospitals also have an increased need for blood supplies again, as postponed operations are being made up for. We are observing that our blood donation campaigns are currently only being visited very sparsely and that the stock is increasingly reaching a worrying level,” says Gerry Foitik.
And Gerald Netzl also calls for blood donations: “By donating blood you are giving your best in the truest sense of the word and it is the easiest way to save lives!”

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