On the eve of the march for International Women’s Day, during the early hours of this Saturday the water from the fountains surrounding the sculptures of La Diana Cazadora and La Minerva was dyed red in protest against violence against women.

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In addition, a blanket with the phrase “Feminine Mexico” was placed on the front of the emblematic roundabout of Guadalajara, located at the confluence of Vallarta and López Mateos avenues.

The municipal president, Ismael del Toro Castro, said that any expression within the framework of feminist movements would be respected to make visible the demands of feminist groups.

Respect and vocation for Guadalajara to be a space for the just claim of women and if it has to happen through any expression Guadalajara is the right place for your voice to be heard, ”said the mayor.

The march on Sunday called by feminist groups will be led by relatives of missing persons and women victims of femicide.

The assistance of 10 thousand people is calculated and the city of Guadalajara will have 100 police officers to protect the security of the protesters, who will walk from Plaza Universidad to the Glorieta de los disappeared, located at the confluence of Paseo Chapultepec avenues and Children Heroes.

The protest in both historical monuments was made in order to raise their voices for the 10 women who lose their lives daily in Mexico.

Diana Huntress woke up dyed red representing the blood shed by the 10 women who die daily in the country. Minimizing violence is also violence ”, was one of the messages that was replicated in social networks.

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