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The Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce recently hosted ribbon cutting for its new member Red Rose Security & Development, an agency specializing in web design and computer services for businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals. Some examples of the services they offer include custom web design, web security, web hosting, copywriting, branding, technical support, script automation, server administration, and diagnostic services. RRSD was founded in October by Mandee Rose of Kingsford and her fiancé Jakub Cerveny. For more information, contact info@redrosesecdev.com or call 219-351-0651. From the left are Chamber Ambassadors Howard Oller, Ray King, and Trisha Peterson; Karen Loper, Mandee Rose's aunt; Owner of a red rose; James Rose, Mandee's father; Terri Rose, Mandee's mother; Ambassadors Karen Hicks Blackhall and Donna Rahoi; and Suzanne Larson, Executive Director of the Dickinson Area Chamber.

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