Redmi Note 7 Review: Satisfactory Camera, But Don’t Expect to Overdo it

| |, Jakarta – Redmi Note 7 has become a hot topic of conversation among gadget fans in Indonesia, even before this mobile phone officially arrived in Indonesia. One of the things that makes it so eagerly awaited is the ability to capture images armed with a 48MP camera.

Redmi Note 7 is also Redmi’s first mobile phone after officially becoming an independent brand, but still under the auspices of Xiaomi.

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Arriving in Indonesia, the Redmi Note 7 features a 48 MP main camera

So, how superior is the 48MP camera capabilities of the Redmi Note 7? As good as Xiaomi has heralded before? And what other features are they trying to put forward to captivate the hearts of their potential customers in Indonesia? Find out the answer through the exclusive Redmi Note 7 review at

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