The Washington Redskins will not know if Trent Williams' dislocated thumb will bring the opponent to his knees until he tests it during practice on Wednesday. Williams was injured in the first half of the Sunday game against the New York Giants, and while he left the field at that time only for a game, he eventually forced him out of the game in the fourth quarter.

"He's in a cast right now and we have to see if we can complain [it] where he can have some strength in his thumb so he can grab; That's the most important thing, "Redskins coach Jay Gruden said," There's a good chance he'll be able to play with it, but on Wednesday we'll know more. I think it will eventually be important to see what he can do and how he can use it. "

Williams has played in all seven games this season, but not without discomfort. After undergoing knee surgery out of season, Williams has managed to get residual knee pain and a Bursa-Sac operation during the team's Dodge Week. After Sunday's game, he said he hopes to play against the Atlanta Falcons next Sunday.

On Sunday also injured Chris Thompson, who suffered another rib injury against the Giants. Thompson has already missed a rib injury this season, though Gruden said the injury on Sunday was a different rib than the one Thompson had previously injured. He did not know if this new injury could keep Thompson out of the Atlanta game, but added, "The [injuries] are painful. "

Security Troy Apke, the team's fourth round this year, pulled a thigh injury that kept him off the pitch for most of the season. The team put him on Monday night in injured reserve. The Achilles tendon needs extended rest, but does not require surgery. By the time Apke would be ready to return, it would be too late in the season and the Redskins could use that service in other ways.

As a result of the Apke move, linebacker Cassanova McKinzy was hired by the squad for the 53-man squad and defensive back Jason Thompson was signed into the practice group.

Outsider Ryan Anderson had a sore knee injury on Sunday that knocked him out of play. Returning Kapri Bibbs broke his left shoulder early in the game but continued to play.

Cornerback Quinton Dunbar, who missed the last two games with a nerve problem in his leg, said he feels better and hopes to play Sunday. The injury is for a nerve that wraps around his leg and is felt most in his tibia, which is why he was described as a sore tibia. He had hoped to be able to play against the Giants, but after training in the late week, a decision was made to let him sit.

"The plan did not rush it," said Dunbar. "I know, I have to do it right."

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