REDUCE BLOOD SUGAR | The spice juice that lowers blood sugar, improves circulation and lowers cholesterol: It’s made with a trendy superfood

Ginger is a herbaceous plant from the Far East. Surely you have heard many times about this spice, which has been considered a medicine since ancient times. Its root is often used for infusions and herbal teas, and is also grated for use in dishes. It has a spicy flavor and many people like it.

Formerly it was also called “gingersnaps” and even today this ingredient is often referred to in English as “ginger”. In the market you can find the edible roots or powdered ginger, not to mention all the ready-made infusions. It has always been considered a true remedy, and not by chance. Many studies have been done and even science has proven its great health benefits. Here we are going to give you a very simple recipe, ginger juice, so that you can enjoy it in a slightly different way and combined with another fruit. You will see that the taste will not disappoint you and your body will reap all the benefits.

Ginger juice is very good and very healthy if apple and orange are added to the main ingredient. Try taking 200 ml of fresh orange juice, and add a piece of ginger and some apple slices. Mix everything and you will have a delicious juice that promotes health. This drink is ideal to drink freshly made or in the morning on an empty stomach.

Of course, you already know that you can also use ginger in its usual form. You can heat water, soak some grated or powdered ginger root, add honey and lemon. Either way, the benefits of this spice will find their way into your body and help keep you healthy. Let us now see some of the benefits that ginger can bring to our health. If it is still not clear, it would be very useful to include it in the diet, even with an infusion at night before going to sleep.

Like all foods, ginger can also have side effects if consumed in excess. Therefore, the watchword when it comes to diet is always “moderation”. That said, here are the benefits of this spice:

  • Improves digestion: ginger can improve the absorption of nutrients in the body

  • Boosts the immune system – this means it can prevent seasonal illnesses like colds, coughs and sore throats

  • Relieves joint pain: it is an excellent anti-inflammatory, so it can help relieve joint pain

  • Improves blood circulation: thanks to its magnesium and zinc content

  • Lowers blood sugar level – can maintain normal blood glucose levels

  • Lowers bad cholesterol: by reducing fats in the blood

  • Fights excessive sweating

  • stimulates the appetite

  • Fight seasonal ailments

You could go on listing all the benefits of this ingredient. Of course, for the recommended dosages, if you plan to include it regularly in your diet, you should consult a professional.