Reform of the'learning : the artisans advocate a sas preparation as early as 15 years

Reform of the'learning : the artisans advocate a sas preparation as early as 15 years


After the tribune common with the regions , the white paper handed over to the government. Met on the occasion of their general assembly, the chambers of trades and crafts were handed on Wednesday to Muriel Pénicaud their proposals to be heard in the ongoing dialogue on the reform of the apprenticeship .

” We heard the government’s willingness to make learning a national issue, “, ” says Bernard Stalter, president of the permanent Assembly of these institutions, all the more determined to impose its weight in discussions that the craft form each year one-third of the apprentices.

A sas preparation

Decided to remove all the hindrances that blocked the development of this initial training, which combines academic education and training paid by company, the executive has launched a broad consultation in early November. Four working groups have been constituted – term of the apprentice, business, governance and financing, training – with a discount of conclusions provided at the end of January.

The artisans are advocating, inter alia, that the learning can start and complete throughout the year. They also propose to establish an sas preparation ” from 15 years and without age limit “.


For the orientation of young people – one of the defects of the most unanimously pointed out -, the chambers of trades and crafts want to ” condition “ the funding bodies financed by the State (missions locales, maisons de l’emploi) in policy goals towards their professions ! Better, he must also plead, that the apprenticeship tax is ” more fairly distributed “ via a reorientation of the party called ” quota “.

More consensual, the artisans propose that the remuneration of apprentices do take more account of the age, but only on the level of diploma being prepared. Or that the terms of breaking contract to be simplified.

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