Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018

Reform of the’Unédic : “l’membership of the French is likely to decrease “, according to Benjamin Amar (CGT)


” the Guest of The “Echos” : the complete program

Reform of the unemployment insurance

This is just a survey, but the results of a survey Elabe for “Les Echos” – Classical music Radio station have to reassure the Elysée. They reveal a certain plebiscite of the French vis-à-vis the first measures advanced by Emmanuel Macron to reform the unemployment insurance, the deficit could reach € 3.8 billion in 2017, according to the latest estimates.

The opening of entitlement for employees who have resigned ? Some 74 % of respondents there say they are in favour. For the self-employed, the rate rises to 87 %. The bonus-malus contracts short ? Eighty-one percent say they are favourable or very favourable.

Fear of a decrease in allocations

Received in the program ” The Guest of Echos “, the head of the political demands of the CGT and leader of the union in the Val-de-Marne, Benjamin Amar, tempers these figures, considering that they may drop during the presentation of the final texts, and taking the example of the reform of the labour Code.

On the proposed measures, Benjamin Amar was concerned that the opening of Unédic to new beneficiaries will result in a decrease of the rights for all concerned : “The idea is exciting. But how the finance-t-on, while at the same time Emmanuel Macron said he had to decrease in four years the deficit of the unemployment insurance of 25 %. Our fear is that this is funded by a lower benefits. “

Extract – Reform of the Unédic : “The accession of the French risk of diminishing “

Extract – Reform of the Unédic : “Our concern is a decrease in benefits “

professional Training

During the issue, Benjamin Amar is also on the reform of vocational training. According to “Les Echos” , the president of the Republic to leave the social partners to manage the reform, while giving the impetus of a management by profile : apprentices would be supported by the branches, the employees per business (off-TPE) and the job seekers by regions.

In this context, Benjamin Amar hopes to have ” something other than the slopes, we’d love to have a square text, which discuss.

Extract – Reform of the training : “The CGT would like something other than tracks “

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