Reform Telecom is not driving development: Slim


Almost 5 years after the enactment of telecommunications reform , Carlos Slim Helú assured that it has not boosted the investment by its competitors or the expected development in the sector. “We were very calm with the competition from AT & T and Telefonica, but the competitors spend their time asking for subsidies from Telcel, and when they have the possibility of using that network, they want special prices, and it is a pity that they do not invest and that the regulator does not see what is lost, “he said. When questioned at a press conference about what he considers the impact of structural reforms in Mexico has been, he pointed out that the need for investment in the Telecom sector is a pending one, since in his opinion, this has prevented convergence. “More investment is lacking, it is necessary to allow convergence, to allow competition,” he stressed. Slim Helú said that the project of the Shared Network it is allocating less investment to the projected one, besides that currently the coverage is in very connected areas and for the time being, not in remote areas, as the objective of the Network points. Regarding the structural reforms implemented in the country, Slim Helú assured that an ideal scenario would be to see in Mexico few laws “but that are fulfilled”. In this line, he stressed that having laws and structural reforms, the important thing is that it is met and that scenarios such as the energy reform are generated, with several investment projects.


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