• Saudi Arabian Rahaf Mohammed al-Kunun, who has fled fear of her family, will fly from Bangkok to Canada.
  • The country grants asylum to the 18-year-old.
  • She had barricaded herself in a hotel and received great sympathy via Twitter.

Canada has granted asylum to the Saudi Arabian refugee in front of her family in Thailand. This was announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday. "This is something we love to do, because Canada is a country that understands the importance of advocating for human rights and women's rights around the world," he said. The Thai immigration police said Rahaf Mohammed Al-Kunun was flying to Seoul via Toronto.

"I can confirm that we have accepted the request of the UN," said Trudeau. Thai immigration police chief Surachate Hakparn said earlier that several countries had talked to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees about taking 18-year-olds. "She chose Canada, it's her personal choice," he said.

The 18-year-old Saudi citizen was in Kuwait with her family when she fled to Thailand. From there she wanted to travel to Australia to apply for asylum. She should already have had a visa for Australia. She claims to have fled domestic violence. After their escape, the parents informed the Saudi embassy in Bangkok that their daughter had traveled abroad without their consent, whereupon the young woman was taken away in the transit area on Saturday evening the passport – apparently from employees of the Saudi Embassy. Then she barricaded herself in a hotel and published cries for help on the Internet.

On Twitter, the young woman received great sympathy. There human rights activists and politicians solidarized with the 18-year-olds under the hashtag #SaveRahaf. Finally, Thailand allowed her to stay temporarily in the country. The UNHCR certified its status as a refugee. Most recently, Australia's government announced it was investigating a possible admission of the young woman. Now, obviously, her Canada is issuing a visa.

Your Twitter account has the 18-year-old off surprisingly today on Friday. For the last time, she responded with a somewhat cryptic short message: "I have some good news and some bad news," she said, and soon afterwards her account was disabled. According to Human Rights Watch, Rahaf had received death threats.

Saudi Arabia Australia is considering a visa for a refugee Saudi Arabian

Australia is considering a visa for a refugee Saudi Arabian

Fleeing from her family, she barricaded herself in a hotel and asked for help on Twitter: Rahaf Mohammed's case caused a sensation and concern all over the world. Now, the story for the 18-year-old could go out well.



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