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Refurbishment and expansion – farewell to the super school – Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen


According to the current estimate, the conversion on Hammerschmiedweg would cost 60 million euros – twice as much as previously thought. Wolfratshausen cannot afford that.

It has been rumored in city council circles for some time that the planned renovation and extensive expansion of the hammersmith school in Wolfratshausen would become more expensive than the previously estimated 30 million euros. The corrected version of the forecast costs, which were presented to the committee at the end of November in a non-public meeting and were made public for the first time on Tuesday in the special session of the city council, are more than just sobering: the future-oriented school is supposed to help with 59.6 million euros all modules that have been decided so far cost twice as much as previously assumed. Wolfratshausen cannot afford such an investment, as all city councils agreed. Now planners, parliamentary group representatives, treasurers and rectors are to discuss how to proceed in February.

According to the proposed resolution, the enormous increase in costs is due to several factors: a regular increase in costs according to the construction cost index since the feasibility study of 2018, the increase in space due to the planned assembly hall construction, the interim container system, the additionally excited underground car park, the bad soil and groundwater conditions according to the expert opinion, and the Additional cost reserve of ten percent.

The "KarlundP" office commissioned with the planning had shown the city council four savings options – the waiver of an underground car park, a training pool and a new assembly hall, and the downsizing of two building modules. However, the construction volume would still be more than 43 million euros, said Mayor Klaus Heilinglechner (Wolfratshausen Citizens' Association). In the group spokesperson meeting on Monday, it was therefore agreed to waive a decision and instead to discuss in February together with the rectors of the hammersmith school and the elementary and middle school in Waldram how to proceed with the school. On the one hand, the city was "forced to do something," said the mayor. The dilapidated primary school area on Hammerschmiedweg had to be renovated. "But it doesn't make sense to kick off such an investment volume in a hurry. This is currently not feasible for our household."

All city councils agreed on this point. In any case, you want to avoid a budget lock that Wolfratshausen has experienced under Mayor Reiner Berchtold. The helplessness was noticeable. Ulrike Krischke (BVW) wanted to "basically determine" that the preliminary planning was a "very good proposal for a coherent, future-proof overall concept". In any case, this should continue to be taken into account. You only have to consider whether you can implement the individual modules one after the other over a longer period of time. Despite the prospect of subsidies of 59 percent of the eligible costs, the submitted construction costs could not be met.

A working group has been involved in school development since 2014. The aim is to strengthen the Wolfratshausen school location in the long term. Two years later, the majority of the city council decided to merge the two middle schools, create a cafeteria and modern classrooms, and turn Waldram into an all-day primary school. After a successful feasibility study in 2018, the city council gradually decided on further modules, including a training pool, lunchtime supervision and a school kindergarten. Finally, there was also an underground car park for the teachers, which would have cost around 2.8 million euros.

"There is a really well thought-out plan on the table," said Fritz Meixner (SPD), who played a key role in the working group and was appointed school development officer by the city council in 2018. The plan had been discussed with the school authorities and school principals. "We looked: where do we want to go," said Meixner. "The strengthening of the middle school is more important to us than the Ministry of Culture," he said bitterly. He would like to have taken a forward-looking decision on the "school of the future", he says. But this is "actually not possible today". Meixner explained that "this had nothing to do with discouragement or displacements," but was "an additional round with a view of the entire perspective of urban development", which also included the design of Marktstrasse, a new gymnasium and the S-Bahn extension. However, he urged "to stay on top of things". This is the only way to avoid expensive interim solutions that do not create lasting value.

"We have to find a solution as quickly as possible," said Frank Schwesig, the principal of the elementary and middle school on Hammerschmiedweg. The architecture firm had already sat down to find out how to divide the construction into three phases to avoid interim containers, he said. But that is also a time factor. Savings are "only possible in the current phase". In the end, the forecasts were based on a five-elementary school, so that additional rooms had to be created as soon as possible.

Annette Heinloth (Greens) declared that the desired concert was over. Some modules are a nice to have, she said. One must now "start where it is most urgent". With the present concept, one does not have to start from scratch – "and do not skip a bit".

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