Refusal to comply near Nantes: prolonged police custody

It all started with a stolen Renault Kadjar, spotted by the police of the anti-crime brigade (Bac), in Rezé, Saturday August 20, around noon. In their unmarked car, they then followed her, without losing sight of her.

Arrived at Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire, the Kadjar entered a dead end, followed by the Bac. The driver of the Renault allegedly backed up, hitting the unmarked Bac vehicle on the left side, trapping the policeman behind the wheel and his teammate in the back.

Only the policeman in the front passenger seat was able to get out. He then placed himself facing the Kadjar; the driver would then have started. The policeman ordering him to stop, the suspect allegedly backed up again towards the Bac vehicle.

It was then that the policeman would have used his weapon, four times, to immobilize the Renault, without causing any injuries. The driver was immediately arrested and taken into custody. The 31-year-old was driving without a driver’s license. This Sunday, August 21, his police custody was extended.