Regarding the Plan for the Prabowo-Cak Imin Duet in 2024, Gerindra: More Mature!


Gerindra Secretary General Ahmad Muzani spoke about the development of political cooperation with the PKB after the two held another meeting. Muzani said the cooperative relationship was getting more mature.

“(The meeting) is ripe. It’s more mature,” Muzani told reporters, Thursday (23/6/2022).

However, Muzani was reluctant to talk much about the plan to carry the Gerindra duo Prabowo Subianto and PKB chairman Abdul Muhaimin Iskandar or Cak Imin in the 2024 Presidential Election.

“The point is that it is more mature, more ‘sip’. (Cooperation) PKB and Gerindra,” said Muzani.

Previously, PKB met again with the Gerindra Party after last weekend’s meeting. In this meeting, the duet of Prabowo and Cak Imin was mentioned as a discussion.

Based on the photo of the meeting received detik.comLast Wednesday (22/6), PKB Secretary General Hasanuddin Wahid, Deputy PKB Jazilul Fawaid, and PKB DPP Chairperson Syaiful Huda were present. Meanwhile, Gerindra officials who attended were Secretary General Ahmad Muzani, Daily Chair Sufmi Dasco Ahmad, and Vice President Sugiono.

“Today, Wednesday, around 17.00, we Gerindra Party and PKB gathered, drank coffee together and discussed finalizing the cooperation agenda and political steps forward, of course the coalition needs big thoughts to build and advance the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia,” said the chairman. DPP PKB Lukmanul Khakim told reporters.

After the Prabowo-Cak Imin week meeting last week, the conversations between the two parties continued. Lukmanul Khakim said there was a positive response to the Prabowo-Cak Imin duo.

“Well, of course, regarding the presidential election, our discussion is quite long, one of which, we said earlier, after the Prabowo-Gus Muhaimin meeting last Sunday night, apparently the interest of cadres, sympathizers, and the community is quite good, many like this duet. The response was extraordinary, ” he said.

“PKB and Gerindra are solid together to win. Of course this coalition is open to any party, because the principle of the coalition is to find friends, but there are already candidates for president and vice president who want to join please. We will gladly accept it with open arms,” ​​he added.